Causes and how to lose belly

lose weightOne of the big concerns that men and women alike, is what to do to lose belly. Well, if you’re in this group, you should know that through diets to lose belly, you can achieve your goal. Actually a comprehensive treatment is the best option and within this, some important is to follow a diet to lower achieve our goal.

Firstly it is important to know what are the possible causes of having belly.

Food causes: diet high in calories, saturated fats and simple or refined carbohydrates carbon. Eating quickly.

Lack of physical exercise.


I slow metabolism.



Objectives of diets lose belly

Lose weight, if necessary.

Detoxify and cleanse the body, to improve bowel movement.

Increase dieresis if fluid retention.

Increase elimination of fatty substances.

Antioxidant action to help improve the basal metabolism.

Diet to lose belly   is based on a proper selection of foods not only on their quality but also in quantity, as in many cases, people who suffer from this condition should make a low calorie diet.

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