Burning 600 calories from your home

exerciesWith these rainy days does not make you want to hit the gym? Do not worry, this routine exercise can burn up to 600 calories and tone your body from home, according to the physical education teachers Merrily Solis and Gino Amending, the Meds and the University of the Americas, respectively Clinic.

This routine exercise is designed to be performed in 40 minutes, three times a week; it should be made in the morning. To start it you need a ventilated space, a bottle of water to hydrate and music to give you energy.

Before starting the routine of exercise, make small motions for five minutes, using the joints, neck, shoulder, waist, hips, knees and ankles, to warm muscles and prevent injuries.

1. Cardiovascular: Make energy jog or walk steadily through your room, up and down stairs or begins with a dance routine, this will help you burn 200 calories.

2. Squats: This part of the routine of exercise to burn 150 calories. Stand up and put your hands behind your head, lower your body as if you were to sit down, to form a 45 degree angle, and keep your back straight throughout the movement. Place between 60 and 80 repeats.

3. Push-ups: Lie face down with your hands and feet on the floor; lower your body off the ground and lift. You can do the exercises with the legs fully extended or knees bent. Perform 80 repetitions. With this routine exercise you burn up to 100 calories.

You can supplement the exercises with dead weight. Remember that at the end of the exercise routine you stretch your arms, legs and waist to prevent muscle pain.

It is important to bring a diet low in fat and flour to avoid lumps in the abdomen and the cellulite in the area of the legs. With this routine exercise you can wear body envy this holiday and, best of all, you can do that from your home and at your pace. And you and you are ready to start your exercise routine and look spectacular?

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