Burn Fat Faster

fat1.Do not Be Afraid of the weights

It is a fact that exercise with weights and resistance machines strengthens and tones your muscles, which makes you burn more fat and energy even when sitting without doing anything, you help combat overweight permanent and automatic way, and gives your body a more healthy and attractive appearance.

Whether you are a woman who wants to look like Arnold or a man who wants to be labeled a lot, do not worry, even if you perform such exercises, professional bodybuilders require an immense effort and dedication to be seen as , so it is very unlikely that you empress to look like one of them carrying a moderate amount of weight-bearing exercises.

2. Calculate your pre-workout snack

Eating a meal or snack high in protein and moderate in complex carbohydrates 1 hour before cardiovascular exercise or weight exercising will help you to more lasting and intense than it normally would form. However, watch this snack you consume exactly 1 hour to 1 ½ hours before exercise, or lose its effectiveness in burning fat.

3. Use variety

If you do the same things every time you go to the gym, your body will begin to adapt and eventually stop burning as many calories and fat as before. Remember constantly change the order, frequency, and duration of the full range of cardio or weights to perform, so that your body never knows what they will continue and you can burn more fat and have a faster weight loss.

4. Do cardio at last

Make your resistance training and weights before doing cardio. Why? It takes your body approximately 20 minutes deplete glycogen and start using the fat. So if you hit the treadmill for 30 minutes, actually burn fat only active until the last 10 minutes.

If you start exercising with weights, your body and open exhausted its reserves of glycogen and cardiovascular exercise began to use its fat stores for use immediately.

5. Breathe through your nose

The inhale and exhale through your nose during exercise instead of your mouth will help stabilize your heart rate and increase your endurance. The result of this will call back exercising longer and burning more fat and calories. And do not worry if you do not get used to this at first, with a little practice in a few weeks you will make this already natural.

6. Watch your form

Keeping a bad position while exercising on stationary bike limits the amount of oxygen your body can use, and slows down the fat burning process. If you can not continue doing the exercise with good posture, then down a bit the rhythm of this exercise and start practicing good posture.

7. Do cardio for more than 30 minutes

This found that the most efficient way to burn fat is by doing cardio exercise of moderate intensity, long duration, resulting in an exercise like the treadmill or stationary bike at a moderate intensity for 30 to 60 minutes.

Now, if you do not have enough time in your day for this amount of time of cardio, then you can resort to high intensity cardio for 15 to 30 minutes, which although not the most efficient way to burn fat will help you increase your stamina and endurance.

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