Bread keeps losing weight

weight loseWe all know from when the bread between us, nothing more and nothing less than from jests! And as a test, there is the parable of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

But speaking more seriously, have been found in excavations, breads than 5000 years before Christ, even in excavations of ancient Egypt and Babylon. And certainly not know that yeast was discovered by the Hebrews you. Therefore it is a food since ancient times.

Lately the bread has had a bad press, and has been presented as a food with enough calories, it has been said that prevents us lose weight, it also prevents us from losing belly because fermented and has even been said, there is little healthy. All this has caused a decline in the consumption of this food.

Because we are wrong

In the late 70s, inSpain82 kilos a year of bread per person consumed. Currently, it has been reduced to about 35 kilos of bread a year per person. As our neighbors the Italians consume 75 kilos and 70 kilos French.

As we see, the decline is due to erroneously be attributed more calories than you actually have, and is credited with being the cause of many people are overweight and even obesity. Nothing further from reality!! It is true that in all diets to lose weight, the first thing to go is the bread? Then. Wrong. And to see that all this bad press is false, while the decrease in consumption of bread inSpainoccurs, weight gain occurs. As unrelated bread consumption with overweight or obesity.

Another interesting fact is that according to WHO, in a balanced diet, we should take 250gramos bread / day, and inSpainonly 157 grams consumed. We forward in this case, includingGermanyand theUK.

In addition, nutritionists tell us that the sandwich of the Mediterranean diet, it should not disappear, just go with salad and fruit for dessert.

But this downtrend is slowing even think is bottoming and according to the news there is to it, is because, much more hunger pan more. The crisis is contributing to this increase.

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