Benefits of exercise

exerciseIt’s time that you decide to exercise, the weather improved and longer each day we know more benefits you gain by doing so. You be acquainted with that exercise is good for your health and for you, but you may not know how good it is. If you want to live more years, feel better, have more energy, and look better, there is no better remedy than exercise. Never too late to start, no matter your gender or your age or your current physical condition.

I’ll tell you some of the benefits of exercise and staying active, I hope it is the first step you start a regular exercise program.

The main benefits are:

Reduces the risk of premature death of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and the risk of developing cancer of the colon or breast.

Very important is to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, exercise helps you reduce your weight and body fat. Increases levels of good cholesterol and lowers triglycerides. Significantly improves glucose tolerance and decreases insulin resistance.

In the emotional area, reduce depression and anxiety, improves sense of well being and improves job performance and social activities.

Both aerobic exercise and the resistance weights that increases muscle strength, have proven benefits. Among them: improved cardiovascular and respiratory function, increases maximum oxygen consumption, improves the blood supply to the muscles, lowers blood pressure and pulse.

It keeps your muscles healthy. Your flexibility, muscle strength, and your tendons and ligaments all improved.

It keeps your bones healthy. It is very important to prevent osteoporosis, prevents frequent osteoarthritis and low back pain is lower in people who exercise regularly.

If sometimes you feel tense after a day of hard work, a walk or go to gym can help you feel better. They found chemicals in the brain that make you feel better and happier after exercising. This improves your mood, your self-esteem and confidence, may even prevent depression.

We all know that exercise burn calories, and the more intense the better. But there are easy ways to burn calories, such as climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, walking in the street, using the car less. Anyway any exercise is good and helps maintain your ideal weight.

And it helps you sleep better, with deeper sleep that allows you to have better concentration on the day and increase your productivity and mood.

No less important is the fact that you can improve your sex life, decreasing ED problems especially with the passing years.

I hope that after reading this article go out to exercise, have fun and remember you can even enjoy doing so.

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