A slimming plant

slimEphedrine is a medicinal plant with slimming properties, it is much more this already that she prepares food supplements which today are under the magnifying glass.

Ephedrine is a plant with various therapeutic properties, with which dissimilar supplements for weight loss are prepared. This plant contains alkaloids that are responsible for weight loss, and which are included within these supplements.

The alkaloids contained in this plant include ephedrine, pseudo ephedrine and nor ephedrine, all substances that put in check the consumption of diet supplements containing ephedrine. These compounds have caused that these supplements are under scrutiny by the harmful effects have on health, to such an extent that, in United States prohibited their sale.

Why are supplements containing ephedrine or any derivative under the magnifying glass

Well, according to certain scientific studies nutritional supplements containing ephedrine combined with other organic compounds is potentially dangerous, since they can cause twice as likely to suffer adverse health effects, such as e.g. nausea, vomiting, anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity and cardiovascular problems.

Certain bodies considered that the number of cardiac events, sudden deaths, stroke, and seizures were sufficient to justify the prohibition of this type of supplements to lose weight.

While studies that endorse thinning ephedrine properties have been conducted, adverse effects that is important enough to put this plant and its supplements under the magnifying glass.

To ephedrine is also recognize properties that improve athletic performance, but also its use can be dangerous, due to the aforementioned effects.

Food supplements can be very useful when it comes to losing weight, provided they do not impair your health. Useless weight loss if this causes you to other health problems that may be even worse than the own overweight.

Therefore, if you want to consume a supplement for weight loss, it is essential that you check with your doctor, since many supplements that are officially banned, are marketed through the web.

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