Weight Loss Surgery Would Prevent Obesity to be Inherited

weight loseFactors that contribute to the prevention of obesity

Public health, obesity is a major health and social problem. Why science is made available to study, treat, and prevent different factors related to this disease, so much so that a group of scientists have investigated that weight loss surgery would prevent obesity to be inherited.

In recent decades, the different techniques of surgery to lose weight have been a solution so that many people have improved their quality of life. These surgical procedures have been developed and improved with the passage of time. However this, thanks to some studies it has been discovered that these surgeries would avoid obesity to be inherited.

According to this study women who undergo any surgical technique to lose weight, may benefit to children born after a mother has operated. How? As well, even though the genes that are transmitted are the same, these affect the child in different ways.

This beneficial effect would be that there are factors in uteri that affect regulators that are developed in the genes of the fetus. Thus, chemical changes that alter the speed of the genes, which would affect the future child health would take place.

The nutritional environment, at an early age, would affect the metabolism of future development. Despite these benefits, should not be forgotten that not only genetic information that each person brings with them is important, but also what is learned from the moment of birth.

Learn healthy eating habits is essential to have a better quality of life, and for this reason it is necessary for the child to acquire them naturally through their family environment.

Obesity kills thousands of people in the world. The implications of this disease produces on the body are fatal. Within these consequences include heart disease, vascular diseases, and metabolic diseases, such as e.g. diabetes, with all its complications.

Unfortunately, even knowing that this disease has become a global epidemic, the population, the food industry and society in general have not taken real awareness of this, and have been reduced to just an aesthetic problem obesity.

The different surgeries to lose weight, as for example the gastric bypass or gastric banding can be very effective for the treatment of obesity, but it is necessary to make changes to take advantage of these techniques-internal and external.

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