The secret to lose weight and never gain weight

lose weightHow to keep a negative balance for weight loss

There are many causes that can influence your overweight, but when this is due to consume more calories than you burn it is important that you learn How to keep a negative weight loss balance. This may be the secret and the solution for those who, like you, want to lose weight and never gain weight.

When genetic and metabolic causes that cause overweight are discarded, it can be a problem of energy balance. If you eat more calories than you spend, your balance will be positive and you engordaras. On the other hand, if you eat fewer calories than you spend your metabolism will be negative and you will lose weight. If this is your case, you must know the secret to lose weight and never gain weight.

How to keep a negative balance for weight loss

Be aware of what you consume. To keep your negative balance, one of the pillars is the diet. To do this, you must be aware of what you eat, how to eat and how much eat throughout the day. If you feel anxiety by eating, there are tricks that can help you check to not eat too much. To achieve this, it is not essential to make major changes, with a low calorie diet but balanced you have the ingested calories problem solved.

Physical activity. This is the other pillar and that represents to a large extent the calories that you burn. While you spend energy in all your respiratory processes and for each activity involving physical movement; this may not be enough. For this reason, it is important to perform physical activity to burn calories. It is important to clarify that you can lose weight without exercise, but if you do it the results will be better and faster.

In this way you have both ends of the ball. With diet control the calories you eat with physical activity the calories that you burn. If the calories that you burn the calories you eat, you are facing a negative balance to be seen reflected in the scale.

If your problem with overweight is not metabolic or genetic, the secret to weight loss is easier than you think, it is a question of balance. Take conscience of this, it can lead to deeper changes related to the incorporation of quality of life and good eating habits, such as physical exercise.

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