The obsession with slimming means eat until paper

slimDisposable paper: the food of some models

The fashion world is increasingly more insane. So much so that, according to statements from people involved in the jet-set, many models have come so far as to eat paper tissues to be super thin and to form part of the productions and all circus that is mounted around. How far can this madness?

The follies which are usually committed in the world of fashion never fail to be the order of the day. Eagerness to move within the advertising market and impose new products does more than take their direct and indirect participants to do practically anything.

These crazy things tend to be such, which until recently have been known versions of actors who are directly involved in the world of fashion rather than strong. Some speak of certain models arrived to eat paper to stay thin and with this squalid, stunted, figure in the form of skin and bones which as well seems to be selling in recent times. Yes, feed paper, repeated until well clear of what he is talking about.

Kristine Clements was for many years part of this world, as Director of the Australian version of Vogue magazine, perhaps one of the most representative around the world of the fashion world. And she was responsible for revealing that, for example, saw several models feed based on disposable paper or having to find one of them practically on the verge of not be able to keep standing, for not taking food for three days in a row. If you did it on time, this is for another time. But always worth reflecting on these issues.

Would this come from where? Pressure, no more any less. As well as a forged image that has no basis in real life. On the one hand, the obsession with imposing a style increasingly further away from what is a real person that looks anywhere, on any side. On the other, that of a group of celebrities who do whatever just to be part of such a world. And they end up committing such atrocities, with consequences not only for them, but also for the people who have them as reflection.

How far can the obsession with staying slim? To commit the absurdity of eating paper. Who you can reach you occur that you eating paper can be achieved a slender and perfect silhouette? Well, in the short term perhaps yes. But, the damage that is done to the body in these cases? It wouldn’t be for anything unusual that might be irreversible in more than one situation.

What is the problem in these cases? People who innocently, ends up by adopting these as valid models. Listen to a teenager anywhere in the world that this advertising model, the same as that seen in all the magazines, and tries to imitate her. Thus, regularly appear very dangerous practices, such as the diet of Riana, to give just one example. Unwittingly, who wants to look like take the first step into something very serious, a situation that can lead to have drawbacks that might change her life forever.

For this reason, do not let your obsession with having a body modeling and perfect to take you to commit follies of these features. It begins by loving you, love you, respect you. And then, yes, you are looking for ways to feel in the best possible way. Consult a specialist if necessary, carries a balanced diet, exercise, surround yourself with healthy practices. But never let fashion put in check your life, or the tranquility of the beings that surround you and want you to see well.

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