Soup Rice and Vegetables for Fatty Liver

weightA soup of rice and vegetables prepared in a light manner and with the vegetables listed may be perfect for people who suffer from fatty liver. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, this recipe does not have why to complicate you’re if you have statuses. In addition, it has only 180 calories per serving.

Many of the people who read this space usually suffer not just overweight, but also some other problem, most likely, she is directly associated with the excess kilos, abdominal fat and other.

Such is the case of those who suffer from fatty liver, a liver condition known officially as statuses and who keeps an intrinsic link with bad food and fatness in general. For this reason, recipes that will help their patients to combat this problem will never be over.

In this recipe you can not only fighting fatty liver disease with purely natural, healthy ingredients that nourish and which are good for this liver problem. Also will help you to lose weight, because it is 100% natural, because it is high in fiber, low in fat and calories. This is how you don’t have more to try this simple rice and vegetable soup: to lose weight and to combat the statuses simultaneously.

Recipe details:

Parts: 2

Calories per serving: 180

Difficulty: Easy


  • 50 grams of brown rice
  • Half a liter of water
  • Two stems of celery
  • A bunch of parsley
  • A piece of Leek or spring onion
  • A big carrot
  • An artichoke
  • A medium tomato
  • Salt and pepper


Place in a pan the water, rice, carrot cut into small cubes, leek or spring onion finely chopped, parsley and tomato. Also add celery and artichoke.

Once the boil, the parameter will be mainly the cooking of rice and carrot, harder preparing vegetables. When they are ready, the soup will be completely ready to be consumed.

You may only correct salt and pepper. Of course, you can substitute water for vegetable stock if you like. Also season with a few drops of  Worcestershire sauce before serving.

What this recipe helps me to lose weight and fatty liver

Slow absorption carbohydrates, such the case of brown rice, are going very well for this type of diets against fatty liver. Not to mention the presence of the artichoke, which is great for the liver area in every respect. Parsley and celery, as well as the tomato may also be purifying.

No element is harmful, soup has no fat, is 100% vegetable and its end result is delicious. In addition, as you’ve seen, it is a recipe low calorie and filling enough, since your body none digested it from one second to another.

Some other recipes for fatty liver disease that can be recommended

As always, opt for a diet as natural and possible plant. To do this, you can try some recipes like the of the artichoke soup, carrot and beetroot salad or a Green Smoothie, that can be perfect for breakfast. Remember that eating healthy, staying in weight and removing the refined foods, fats, alcohol and other harmful elements of your life, you can replace yourself well. Liver, despite everything, is a body that is regenerated if it treats it as.

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