Juice of lettuce and beets for obese with gallstones

dietNatural beverage that stabilizes the formation of bile salts

The formation of gallstones in sometimes goes the hand of diseases such as obesity. If this is your case, this time you drink a natural beverage that will stabilize the formation of bile salts, reducing the likelihood that gallstones are formed.

There are many factors that influence the formation of gallstones. Among these factors is increased and prolonged fasts, strict low-calorie diets and weight loss. Even for many researchers, hypercholesterolemia or hypertriglyceridemia may be a risk factor.

To prevent this from happening or try to reverse the situation, you can have a natural drink, which would help stabilize the formation of bile salts, such as for example lettuce and beet juice.

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Combination of carbohydrates to obtain energy and lose weight

lose weightIf meats are not to your liking, but you want to lose weight fast, I invite you to know How to lower the numbers of the scale eating rice and fruits. This combination of carbohydrates could help you lose weight, obtaining energy.

If you want to lose weight, it is significant that you can adapt to your needs and tastes to your diet, especially if they crave you much vegetables and grains such as rice.

In this case, you have a model’s diet to follow, as for example the diet of rice and fruits. This regimen to lose weight has special features that can help you to lower the numbers of your scale.

Characteristics of the diet of rice and fruits

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Drink calorie negative against fluid retention

lose weightWithin a diet to lose weight, it is important to incorporate food and drinks have special properties that help you detoxify and lose weight quickly. A clear example of this is the water of lime, cucumber and Ginger. This drink has as main characteristics being negative calorie beverage and treat water retention. Don’t miss it!

When it comes to weight loss various are goals you wish to accomplish, reduce or prevent water retention and fat burning are two of the most important. With this lime, cucumber and Ginger drink you can incorporate into your body nutrients and active principles that allow you to remove fluid and burn fat.

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Hormone use for the treatment of obesity

lose weightOne of the most popular treatments of the 20th and 21st century is the use of the hormone HCG in the treatment of obesity. Although in its early joy of popularity and acceptance, today day is not so. For this reason, I invite you to know why its use is controversial.

In the early 1950’s, Dr. ATW Simons discovered, almost by chance, that people who were treated with HCG for treatment of dystrophy adipose genital, not only improving your medical state, but had a better fat sharing and even lost some weight.

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New Barbaric technique to treat obesity

weight loseEvery day more people choose surgery as treatment for morbid obesity. Among the techniques that reduce calorie intake, you can find the duodenal Switch; a variant of Bariatric Surgery indicated, too, for the treatment of Dyslipidemia and diabetes.

The surgery has been and is an alternative for the treatment of obesity, especially when diet and exercise have not been able to solve the problem in its entirety. However, there are different types of surgery that will suit the needs of the patient.

You’ve probably read about the gastric balloon, gastric bypass or Bariatric Surgery, as well within this last group you can find a different technique that produces the pancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, known as duodenal Switch.

What is the duodenal Switch?

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The obsession with slimming means eat until paper

slimDisposable paper: the food of some models

The fashion world is increasingly more insane. So much so that, according to statements from people involved in the jet-set, many models have come so far as to eat paper tissues to be super thin and to form part of the productions and all circus that is mounted around. How far can this madness?

The follies which are usually committed in the world of fashion never fail to be the order of the day. Eagerness to move within the advertising market and impose new products does more than take their direct and indirect participants to do practically anything.

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Exercises for arms look attractive

exerciesArms exercises over the years and with the extra kilos, arms lose their smoothness and begin to sag.

This is due to the fact that, from age 35, the fibers that hold the skin begin to degrade. This trend is reinforced from the 50, leading to sagging.

To avoid this situation, requiring only a few minutes a week and best of all you do not have to make an effort: just a simple exercise plan but specifically designed to overcome the factors responsible for the arms lose their youthful appearance.

Besides exercises needed elements one of which the weights. When performing the movements with them, a resistance that will strengthen the muscles is due. Yes, it is advised that the exercises are done on alternate days to rest the muscles worked and not force.

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How to lose weight eating prunes

lose weightYou lose a kilo and a half with the properties of pears and plums

If you are looking for a quick diet to lose a little weight, you can use the properties of the pears and plums to lose a kilo and a half in three days. If you fancy identifying How to lose weight intake prune and pears, don’t miss this article.

The fruits are the major allies of those who need and want to lose weight, and in these fruits, plums and pears have properties that encourage your body to lose weight more quickly. Why, you better take advantage of these benefits and weight loss up to a kilo and a half for 3 days.

Why pear and plum you help lose weight

In both cases, they have few calories. A medium of 178 Gr. PEAR provides 101 calories, while to a plum of around 66 Gr. brings 30 calories. But these are not the only features of these fruits, plum and PEAR both provides antioxidants.

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How to lose weight dancing

lose weightAre you always looking You Tube videos looking for the best exercises to lose weight? You probably know Susana Davidic, then. This instructor takes twice a week throughout the virtual community videos the best of his repertoire. In this exclusive interview, you will see it share with you their best fitness tips to make you look flawless.

If you’re regular Viewer videos for fitness and exercise to lose weight, you surely know well to Susana Dakidissa. This former instructor is all a specialist in routines, lose weight dancing and such activities as necessary are when you want to lose weight. His fame in the network is increasingly on the rise. And the reason is in sight: Susana shares at least twice a week all her secrets to look a well molded figure and to be healthy and well. This interview will surely you will be very interesting, since here he reveals his best tricks so that you can be in the best possible way.

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A healthy meat with slimming benefits

slimThe fish is considered a healthy meat by its organic components, but in addition, eating fish helps you to lose 1 pound a month. If you want to learn more about these benefits slimming, don’t miss this note.

One heart healthy food is fish. This contains acids omega-3 that increases good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol, maintain healthy arteries and therefore the heart. Perhaps you wonder that it has to do with losing weight, apparently too much.

There have been very interesting researches that have come to the conclusion that eating fish on a regular basis will help you to lose 1 kilo a month.

The objective of this study was actually know that effect had the inclusion of seafood and of fish oil in a diet low in calories, and how this new habit influence on weight loss. For this purpose, included:

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