Causes by which it got out of weight

weight loseThe Dr. Atkins Diet is one of the diets most popular around the world, since it promises to lose many pounds more quickly. However, it you understand why low weight with such a diet, it is important to know the possible causes.

The Dr. Atkins diet is considered to be a diet thin since it contributes more than 20% of the total, in form of protein calories. Obviously restricts the consumption of carbohydrates .As for fats, the contribution of the same is normal or increased, since protein-rich foods tend to be, also, rich in fat.

Caloric distribution of the Atkins Diet or other hyper protein diet is important, because in it you will find the causes of rapid weight loss.

Why would we lower weight

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Intervention that removes the extra kilos and diabetes

exerciesMetabolic surgery is a surgical alternative in the treatment of obesity and diabetes non-insulin-dependent which can not be treated with diet and exercise. Therefore, if you need to lose many pounds more and control your blood sugar, never miss what is metabolic surgery.

Bar iatric Surgery, gastric sleeve, the obalon and the end barrier are different alternatives of surgery to lose weight. Each and every one of them has special and distinct features. While all help to reduce complications of obesity, metabolic surgery is ideal to control and reverse insulin-dependent diabetes.

What is the metabolic surgery

Metabolic surgery is a surgical intervention that is indicated for patients with severe obesity who also suffer from diabetes type II or diabetes non-insulin-dependent.

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Cleansing diet for the change of station

dietDiet APP for early spring and keep you in shape

Since time immemorial, every time you change the station, grandmothers advise purify the body to make it run better and get sick less. As well, with the arrival of spring, what better than these benefits add another: lose weight more quickly. Don’t miss this new release of diet APP for early spring and keep you in shape.

With the arrival of spring, the heat is felt gradually, which makes you remember that should lose those extra pounds that you added in the winter.

To lose them and not return to recover them, it is important that you start with a cleansing diet that will allow you to prepare the body for, then, to make a balanced, low-calorie diet.

Cleansing diet for the change of station

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Eat less sugar and reduce calories

dietSuggestions to eliminate empty calories

Sugar, especially white sugar, is considered a food only provides empty calories. Therefore, if you want to reduce your consumption and calories that brings, you don’t know 5 ways or suggestions to achieve this.

If your intention is to lose weight, it is important that you know how to consume less sugar, thus reducing calories to your daily diet. While it may be easy to say, doing so may be more complicated, so keep in mind some suggestions that will help you to eliminate empty calories.

5 ways to eat less sugar and reduce calories

Sugar-free beverages. It is estimated that around 40% of the sugar of the Western diet come from beverages sweetened with sugar. Not only regular soft drinks, but also the Teas, juices, smoothies and other drinks that contain sugar as a sweetener.

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Properties of black soybean for weight loss

weight loseNutraceuticals that fight obesity and complications

Soy is a legume which, due to its components, can help you lose weight. Even a Variant such as black soybeans has nutraceuticals that fight obesity and its complications.

While yellow soybeans phytosterols, which can help you, lose weight and fight the symptoms of menopause, there is another variety as black soybeans containing nutraceuticals that control the overweight or obese.Black soy is used, both in Chinese cuisine and Chinese medicine, nutritional and therapeutic properties.

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Can for health soy lecithin be harmful

dietSoy lecithin is considered a supplement, it is important to know not only profits, but also its side effects and if you can or not be detrimental to the health. In this way, you can take advantage of all its virtues and prevent possible adverse effects.

Lecithin is a fat essential for cells, and that can be obtained through the consumption of certain foods such as e.g. soybeans.

It is organic compounds, today it is considered a dietary supplement that can help you to treat different conditions, as for example lose weight through liver cleansing.Even though soy lecithin has different properties and benefits, it may also have side effects.

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Lose 3 pounds in one week with the diet of carrot

dietCarrot, a negative calorie food

The diet of carrot is a fast diet, depurative, designed with this negative calories as vegetable and that can you help you lose up to 3 kilos in a week. If you have more interest in learning about it, you should just read the article to know it thoroughly.

The diet of carrot is a diet fast, almost cleansing, detoxifying. Your name says it all, since you will have to eat carrots to rage during the week long diet. So if you’re an enthusiast of the favorite vegetable of rabbits, then you won’t have more than pay attention to all its foundations. If you like, you will only be you start to put it into practice. Perhaps the diet fast you were looking for.

What are the properties of carrot for weight loss

The carrot a food is very low in calories, is rich in fiber, vitamins, and adenoids and is considered negative calorie foods. Therefore, this presupposes that the body consumes more to burn them that what they have consumed themselves.

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Food with fiber and protein very-low calorie

slimIf you are looking for an easy to make food, but make it suitable for slimming, you can not miss this recipe of mattress, spinach and egg baked tomato. A tasty preparation rich in fiber, protein, and also very low calorie. You can not miss it.

All the nutrients are fundamental to lose weight in a healthy way. For this reason, each of the foods that you prepare should have a harmonic of each of these nutrients percentage; a clear example of this is the mattress of spinach and tomato with baked egg.

This preparation contains: fiber and antioxidants provided by plants, contributed by the white of egg and fat contained in the egg yolk proteins. A nutritious meal but with properties to lose weight.

Mattress of spinach and tomato recipe with egg bake

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Diet so that your palate and body is not accustomed

dietTo continue with this process of slimming, I propose a fiber-rich diet to promote weight loss. This diet has as main feature to avoid your palate and body gets used.

Continue among the diet can be boring and at times you can enter into a plateau, so it is important that you change the menu to avoid boredom.

This diet is characterized by rich in fiber and adding only fish or chicken without skin, as source of protein.

Fiber-rich diet to start the second month to diet

Breakfasts and snacks

Smoothie peach, china and quinoa.

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