Natural polyphones to a natural slimming

slimThere are many foods and plants that, by various studies, are known for their therapeutically properties to treat various diseases including obesity. One of these foods is the aronia, therefore I invite you to know what is and how it can help you to lose fat.

Many are plants, fruits and vegetables, including within a weight loss plan, can help you lose fat. One of these plants is the aronia.

What is the aronia

The aronia is a plant, native to the North American continent, whose fruit compounds to which a variety of properties attributed to them is that, among other actions, can help you lose weight in a healthy way.

How is the aronia composed

Nutritional information per each 100 gr. of aronia

Calories: 47.

Carbohydrates: 9 gr.

FAT: 0.5 gr.

Protein: 1.4 g.

Fiber: 5.3 gr, preferably pectin.

Vitamins: Vitamin A,

iron, zinc and manganese.

Other substances: tannins, anthocyanins, phenolics and falconoid.

These nutritional compounds can be determined how this fruit can help you to lose fat.

The aronia properties to lose fat and weight

Antioxidant properties. The most important properties are centered on their antioxidant capacity. The aronia is a fruit with a high antioxidant power, to such an extent deemed that thisBerrycontains up to 3 times more reservation than blueberries and grapes. With which it can be said that the natural antioxidants of the aronia they favor the formation of energy from fatty acids in adipose tissue.

Properties hypoglycemic. Although these properties may interest those who have diabetes, it is also very important for those who suffer from obesity. Why? Because the proportion between complex carbohydrates simple and carbon is less, i.e. that it provides more fiber than simple sugars, so it prevents glucose accumulates in the blood and part of it turns into fat in the liver.

Satiating properties. This same fiber helps to remove hunger, since it remains longer in the stomach.Low calorie properties. The contribution of calories is very low, and if in addition it is satiating. You eat less and contribute very little calories to your body, stimulate the burning of fat for energy.

There are many properties that possess the aronia so you can lose weight, but remember that you must include them inside a special diet to lose weight. If you eat what you want and only include aronia in your diet, its properties can be missed. Includes these berries to a balanced hypo caloric diet and you will see all their virtues.

How to include aronia diet

Easy, you can eat a cup of berries of aronia, as if they were strawberries or you can include them in juice or desserts. A good option would be to prepare a cup of fruit salad that includes aromas, strawberries, grapes and cranberries, pure power antioxidant, healthy and natural.

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