Meet the insulin and how it helps you lose weight

weight loseSatiating fiber and periodic properties

There are many organic substances which, thanks to various scientific research, it has been observed that they can be very useful to help you lose weight. One of these organic compounds is insulin, a fiber with periodic and satiating properties. Don’t miss out on this note, to know more about it.

Along with overweight obesity has become a serious public health problem due to the complexities of health that they cause in the long run. If both disorders are maintained over time, the quality of life can deteriorate causing serious disease, even decease.

For this reason, it is very important to find various natural and healthy alternatives that serve as tools to monitor the progress of these diseases. One of these natural options is the consumption of insulin, a variety of fiber that gives the organism periodic and satiating properties.

Firstly, I believe that it is important for you to know what inulin is.

Insulin is a set of polysaccharides that to be ingested, fructose releases during digestion stimulating intestinal microbiology. This compound is considered a periodic indigestible.

How can the consumption of insulin help you to lose weight and improve the quality of life?Decreases appetite. Insulin, for being a fiber remains longer in the stomach, causing satiation and reducing hunger.

Acts on lipids metabolism. If within your diet add foods rich in insulin, there is a reduction in the formation of lipids in the liver, preventing the formation of adipose tissue.

Reduces the absorption of fats from the foods that you eat. For being non-digestible fiber insulin carries fatty acids and sugars of foods in the diet, eliminating it through the intestinal. This process prevents both macronutrients pass into the blood and accumulate in blood and adipose tissues by different mechanisms.

Prevents the glucose is transformed into fat. Fiber, due to fermentation occurring in the micro flora of the colon, helps reduce absorption of glucose. For this reason, prevents the glucose is transformed into acids in the liver. On the other hand, this natural process controls blood glucose levels.

Reduces the levels of fats in the blood. If the passage of fat in the blood is reduced, the accumulation of them in low blood, thus controlling both cholesterol and triglycerides. The dyslipidemias are diseases associated with obesity, and that quality of life can be complicated by many times.

In addition to these organic benefits, insulin is a periodic natural product that stimulates the intestinal flora and the growth of healthy bacteria such as bifid bacteria, for example. This mechanism stimulates the defenses and the immune system.

There are many benefits that the insulin has on your body and that, within a diet to lose weight can help you to lose weight and have a better quality of life.

How to include insulin to diet

Naturally is in some foods of plant origin and medicinal plants, such as chicory and Leek or garlic leek, among others. Products added with insulin, especially dairy.

The best way to lose weight, keep weight and prevent complications of obesity is to understand the properties and the harmful effects of food. In this way your same you can prepare your diet and change incorrect eating habits by correct and healthy habits.

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