Lose 3 pounds in one week with the diet of carrot

dietCarrot, a negative calorie food

The diet of carrot is a fast diet, depurative, designed with this negative calories as vegetable and that can you help you lose up to 3 kilos in a week. If you have more interest in learning about it, you should just read the article to know it thoroughly.

The diet of carrot is a diet fast, almost cleansing, detoxifying. Your name says it all, since you will have to eat carrots to rage during the week long diet. So if you’re an enthusiast of the favorite vegetable of rabbits, then you won’t have more than pay attention to all its foundations. If you like, you will only be you start to put it into practice. Perhaps the diet fast you were looking for.

What are the properties of carrot for weight loss

The carrot a food is very low in calories, is rich in fiber, vitamins, and adenoids and is considered negative calorie foods. Therefore, this presupposes that the body consumes more to burn them that what they have consumed themselves.

In general, it is one of the most valuable vegetables that exist in every respect. And never will be on a meal plan quick, derivative and detoxifying effect.

What is the principle, rule or order to this diet

Just eat carrots at each of the meals you make and also including. The peculiarity is that they must be raw or steamed, to preserve its properties. You should take around six carrots per day. The idea is to alternate them throughout the day. You can include one in a smoothie in the morning, eat one into sticks by the afternoon, two grated on salad and also two steamed at the dinner accompanying a chicken breast.

What is it can be consumed in the diet

Diet has something of dissociated, in a way, because when you take a portion of proteins as a basis for the food, you should not accompany it with carbohydrates. A strong meal must be with amino acids, the remaining with carbohydrates. The rest, you should avoid fats, sugars, and high calorie anything. Remember that it is a quick and low in calories, perfect diet to lose a few pounds in a short time.

They are welcome plants of Greens, vegetables, legumes, lean meats, rice, and pasta, low-fat dairy products as well as infusions of all kinds, which may be important to you quickly debug support.

Menu example:

Breakfast: A cup of green tea. A shake of a carrot, a beet, the juice from two oranges and an Apple.

Mid-morning: A carrot sticks with a tablespoon of white cheese 0%

Food: 70 grams of raw subsequently boiled pasta. It is accompanied with two carrots steamed slices and vegetables at choice, more a drizzle of olive oil. A fruit for dessert.

Snack: A carrot into batons. Toast bread with one tablespoon of white cheese 0%. A cup of red tea.

Dinner: A fillet of 150 grams of grilled salmon, seasoned with herbs and lemon juice. A salad made with tomato, lettuce, onion and two shredded carrots. A fruit for dessert.

Will it give good results

As says, they may be losing up to three kilos in a week doing the diet of carrot. That yes, must be done in a strict manner and respecting each of the steps. He is a fast diet, mainly designed to burn fat and to purify the organism through the amount of fiber that is consumed, the diuretic action of vegetables, negative calories of carrots and the balance between carbohydrates and proteins. You can get to work, but must be subsequently supported by a sustainable regime, with exercise and healthy eating.

How could I qualify this diet

Basically, it is a quick diet that could not last more than seven days because it is fairly low in calories. When not eating many fats or anything harmful, it is quite healthy and cleansing. The carrot will make its effect, but you probably don’t want to know anything else with her for a while after you finish with the diet, since you will have to eat six per day.

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