Ideas for less than 150 calories to eat on toast

weight loseRich and healthy snacks to take when you are hungry between meals

Are you one of the always hungry mid-morning or afternoon? It costs you resolve these time periods not to exceed you with meals? As well, in a easy toast bread, supplement with the indicated elements, it may be the key. Be sure to follow these options!

Tostada about 20 grams of already toasted bread slice has nothing more than about 60 calories. So, on that basis, merely to insert 90 more in some other food calories, you have a brilliant spread of 150 calories, which will give you fullness and will agree to you to eat something healthy and rich. Don’t miss to try any of these options.

5 ideas of less than 150 calories to eat in a toast:

Beet and cheese 0%: have left you a piece of cooked beets? Take a piece of about 80 grams. Place it into the bowl of the mixer with a spoonful of cheese about 20 grams. It is processed with juice of lemon, salt, pepper and some grass. Increase on the toast and you’ll have a delicious and healthy collation of 145 calories.

A little hummus never fails: do you like chickpeas paste? You can then give you a taste, because that is typically sold commercially, has about 160 calories per 100 grams. Therefore, if you use about 50 grams on toast, you’ll be captivating 140 calories of a protein, tasty and nutritious snacking. And if you prepare it at home with fewer oil, more lemon and water, still the lower caloric content.

Ten hand-rich mayonnaise carrots: 50 grams of carrot puree, combined with half a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic residue, lemon juice, salt and intersperse are only 150 calories. A recipe rich and generous when hungry at any time of the day.

A slice ofTurkeyand cheese: A slice of Skinless Turkey Breast and roast about 20 grams has just 25 calories. If you include a tablespoon of regarding 20 grams of cheese spread, you have 50 plus – and minus also, according to the cheese you use-. A few drops of lemon juice, a leaf of lettuce, salt, pimiento and you will have a perfect collation of only 135 calories.

Tomato and avocado: 50 grams of tomato cut into cubes are only 10 calories. If you add 40 g of avocado also coveted, you have 80 calories. Salt, pepper and a touch of lemon Dan how result about 150 calories in a slice of toasted bread. Nothing wrong, isn’t it?

Tostadas advice, it is worth remark that it is always better to use whole-grain bread. Although it can be that you have the same amount of calories, or a few less, is much more nutritious, since it will give you fiber, vitamins and other elements than bread made with white flour, refined unfortunately not you provide. Is a change that does not cost anything and you can avail more.

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