How to prepare the milk of birdseed for slimming

slimCanary seed It has become one of the great natural options when it comes to losing weight, since their enzymes help to burn fat, in addition to having diuretic and depurative action. There are several ways of consuming it, being the most classic Canary seed milk. Would you like to learn how to prepare it? Since then follows this article.

You have spoken well about the properties of the milk of birdseed to lose weight? Although it is not something that can be just as effective as they say, there are many people who praise the benefits of its enzymes and their large amounts of fiber, a good thing in any diet.

But, do you know how you should prepare this milk of birdseed to lose weight? It is much easier than you think. You will just have to follow these steps and you will have it available, not only to help you in your mission to be online, but to leave benefit in general. You don’t try it!


Two glasses of water

Ten tablespoons of seeds of millet without silica fiber


Place the ten tablespoons of millet in the two glasses of water.

Let soak overnight preparation. This is usually known as activation process of seeds, so that they become enzyme. It is very common in the vegetable milks.

The next morning, put everything in the blender and process the preparation until the touted milk.

Now you decide if strain or not and you’re ready to be consumed without any problems.

What should I do if I can’t get milk from birdseed free silica in my region?

In the event that you don’t get Canary grass seeds suitable for human consumption, you can resort to the milk of birdseed already elaborated, present on the market.

What properties do the milk of birdseed

It is good to stimulate the metabolism and speed up digestive processes. It is also a diuretic, so it is good to eliminate retained liquids. Also, it would degrade the fat deposits in the body, due to its content of lipase.

On the other hand, it is antioxidant, good against diabetes and helps to reduce high cholesterol levels. By any concept, has earned its nickname of  natural remedy of fashion.

Is it better to take it with or without strain

Undoubtedly, without strain. This is due to that so you consume all of your fiber. Anyway, you can choose to BREW with a fine mesh strainer, a bag to prepare milk vegetable either prepare a tea of birdseed, if it bothers you a rougher texture.

Does it represent any danger

Careful purchase birdseed for human consumption, it is free of silica fiber. That is the main recommendation, because the Canary seed used for birds would not be suitable for people, although many consume it while not indicated it is promptly.

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