How not to Gain Weight

weightAs fat at year end before they reach the year-end holidays, there are those who submit to a balanced diet to stay and look good not gain weight .

If that was not your case, not to worry, because a diet last minute, do not you find it so convenient to the abundant seasonal food awaits you, wherever you go, and that, surely, will be impossible to say no thanks.

To avoid having to abstain to enjoy what is provided in the celebrations of Christmas and New Year with family and friends, learn how to eat without overdoing and most importantly.

Tips to prevent weight gain in the year-end holidays

1. Before going to a party, eat a fruit, nonfat yogurt without sugar, and drink water. The important thing is not to leave your home or office with hunger.

2. At the party, eat when you are hungry, and whether or not you’re at a crowded buffet, it is best to take small portions and eat slowly. Remember that as you serve, just eat.

3. Important: do not abuse salad dressings. They are rich and harmless, but are high in calories.

4. If you did if the previous rule and you have exceeded at dinner, do not try to compensate with a light breakfast the next day. Contrary to what you think, good breakfast will improve your metabolism to burn fat and lose weight more easily.

5. In conclusion, stay away from the food area or kitchen. Distract yourself dancing, laughing and talking. If you’re moving, burn more calories.

6. Listen to your body. If a food does not look good or do not like it, do not eat. So you take care of your health.

7. Avoid alcoholic beverages liquor or sweets for their calories. You can opt for light beer or wine. It is also good to take plenty of water or tea to keep hydrated and your five senses.

8. If the family dinner is at your house, do not make too much food, only depending on number of guests, because if he is, you have to consume it for several days.

You will see how these tips help you enjoy the rich Christmas lunch box, which must be an exception to the foods you eat to see normally regain. What better than to start the New Year with a balanced diet, fat free, to feel good, be well and stay well spectacular in 2014, do not you think?

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