How much do you know about the Dukan diet

dietAll the numbers you need to know to make the most controversial diet of recent times

Dukan is undoubtedly synonymous with controversy. However, few ignore the existence of this diet followed by millions worldwide. Fans and detractors boast know it inside out. You. how much do you know about the Dukan diet, do know all the figures of recent times most controversial diet, do you encourage solving the crossword puzzle you’ll find at the foot of this article?

As the controversy continues, the Dukan boom that reached its climax around the world in May 2011, not just of estinguirse.The fact is that the plan, created by the recently discharged from medical records, Pierre Dukan, continues to talk.

Currently, it has its peak inRomania, last European capital that landed by may 2013. However, it continues to maintain followers in Spain and France, the three countries where today the Dukan plan retains a significant number of followers.

The truth is that Pierre and your diet are in the mouth of those who want to get their extra pounds, either to dismiss it or to adopt it. In any case, there are certain key figures to take into account in your weight loss plan.

Are certainly aware that the Dukan diet consists of 4 phases: attack, cruise phase, phase of consolidation and stabilization phase. But perhaps ignore how many foods are your list of permitted. Only 100, of which 72 are pure proteins and only 28 are of plant origin.

There is more data to consider. For example, issues such as:

Time of exercise you need to do at each stage.Amount of daily tablespoons you should consume their food Star: the oat bran.Kilos that you miss in the attack phase.Time that each phase should last.

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