How many calories gives mayonnaise

dietDressing with high energy density

One of the most traditional and popular sauces is mayonnaise. Therefore if you’re diet perhaps want to know how many calories gives your meals, and because it’s a dressing with high energy density.

It is certainly tempting to spice a sandwich, a burger or salads with mayonnaise. But, do you know how many sums extra calories to your meal? If you are a diet it is important to know this information, to be aware of how many calories it provides, you can modify this habit and replace traditional mayonnaise light mayonnaise or low calorie homemade mayonnaise.

Do many calories does mayonnaise

1 tablespoon of mayonnaise provides 48 calories.

Although at first glance it does not seem to provide many calories, it is a seasoning with high caloric density. The caloric density represents the number of calories per gram of food. This figure is obtained by dividing the amount of calories, the amount of grams. If the result is positive it is a high calorie density food. If the result is negative  is a food of low caloric density and ideal for diet.

Besides the calories provided by the regular mayonnaise it is important to have in mind that contributes cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium.

If you usually use mayonnaise in the usual form and are overweight, a good measure would be to replace this dressing by others that provide fewer calories and fats. You can even prepare your same mayonnaise low calories in your House.

Do many calories does light mayonnaise

Commercial light contributes around 30 calories/tablespoonmayonnaise. In addition, provides 0.3 g saturated / tablespoon and 2.4 cholesterol/scoop.

If you compare these data, there is no big difference between both mayonnaise and even mayonnaise light remains a high caloric density dressing; but would be a little less calories and fat to your meals.

These data are not so never again eat mayonnaise, but to keep you aware of what brings, since it tends to minimize the calories the seasonings in general.

Remember that sometimes some food changes can impact favourably on your weight and your health.

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