How is Angelina Jolie diet

dietDiet famous but unhealthy

No one can deny that Angelina Jolie is an internationally famous woman, not only for his work in cinema, but also because of its thinness. Much has been said about its physical appearance, beyond its natural beauty. For this reason, want to know How is your diet famous but unhealthy.

Angelina Jolie because it is a famous and successful actress can be a reference point for many young women, even by his physical appearance. This can be very dangerous, since the diet that makes Angelina Jolie may be famous, but unhealthy. To get the questions, it is important that you know how it is.

How is Angelina Jolie diet

The diet that allowed him to Angelina Jolie to lose 10 pounds in 20 days is the Detox Diet known as the Martha Vineyard diet. This is a very strict and very low calorie diet.

It provides only 600 calories a day. This contribution of calories is very low, in relation to which she needs. This caloric value is, approximately, between 3 and 4 times less than those who really should contribute with the daily meal.

Consists of two stages. The first phase lasts for 21 days and the second stage or phase of maintenance lasts for 9 days.Is a diet Detox you resulting in the Elimination of toxins from the body.A curious feature that has this diet is that, suggests buying a bag of enema to detoxify the body.No activity during this diet is recommended, but if it is suggested to perform yoga and meditation.It is important to respect the timetables and the distribution of meals.

What food do eat and which are not

Solid foods are not allowed, you can only consume liquid foods or soft consistency.You should drink almost 4 liters of liquids, distributed in the following way: 1, 5 liters of water, 1 liter of herbal tea, ½ liter of vegetable soup and 800 cc of any green fruit juice.Organic vegetable juices and smoothies, which not must season it with salt making.Organic coffee for an enema.Stevia as a sweetener.

It includes a kit of detoxification that is sold on the official website of this diet. This kit contains slimming supplements based on some fruits and proteins.

How would a daily menu of the diet of Angelina Jolie

This example of menu corresponds to the first stage of 21 days.

8: 00. 30 cc of extract of fruits with 170 cc of water. 3 tablets of a slimming supplement that is inside the kit.

10: 00. Herbal iced tea sweetened with stevia. 1 glass of 200 cc with 1 tablespoon of essence green

14: 00. 1 glass of 200 cc of water with 1 tablespoon of vegetable extract

16: 00. 1 glass of 200 cc with 1 tablespoon of essence green

18: 00. 1 cup homemade vegetable soup. 1 cup broth, whose mix is the kit and added amino acids which is also in the kit. 1 tablet of digestive enzymes. 1 tablet supplement for detoxifying. 1 cup of iced herbal tea.Before going to bed. If you have trouble sleeping, you can consume a teaspoon of Supplement for sleep in 170 cc of water.

What can be said about such a diet

It is a very restrictive diet, dependent on a commercial kit.Consumed protein supplements, supplements for sleep and supplements for the colon cleanse that can be dangerous to health, if they are not supervised by a physician.

It is a very stressful for the body diet, because that does not provide the necessary calories to make this work properly. On the other hand, is subject to compulsive cleansing, both for the enemas, body purifying supplements, as for meals which suggests consuming liquid.

As conclusion I can say that it is an unhealthy, diet that subjects the body to unnecessary stress, since with a balanced diet and physical activity, you can get the same goal, but more slowly and without compromising the body. I think Angelina Jolie diet is an example of diets that should never be.

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