Green tea for weight loss

weight loseGreen tea for weight loss

Green tea it is consumed inChinasince time immemorial, thanks to its therapeutic properties. Although its benefits are many, in recent years has been investigated for its potential positive effects for weight loss and help you lose weight more quickly.

Along with white tea and red tea, green tea is the most popular tea variety, not only because it has several medicinal properties, but also because to be included in a diet to lose weight naturally weight loss power. The question is, how does do it?

How do you manage to lose weight by drinking green tea

As well, drinking green tea on a daily basis enter a source rich in catching polyphones, particularly Epigallocatechin gal late . This is the most active form of the catechism, and responsible for all of its antioxidant properties, antiinflmatorias and effects on metabolism.

Apparently this catechism with caffeine which also contains green tea would be the substances responsible for that increase metabolic expenditure and faster use of the fat acumulandas in adipose tissue.

These benefits associated with weight loss are not alone, since this variety of tea, also helps reduce and treat the most common complications that can cause overweight, as they are the dyslipidemias and diabetes.

How does green tea help to treat metabolic pathologies associated with obesity

Diabetes. The catechism in green tea promotes the formation of insulin, which increases a hormone known as adinopectina, which improves insulin resistance. Even, it has evaluated its effect drinking it altogether with drugs for diabetes, achieving control of blood glucose levels.

Dyslipidemias. The catching containing green tea help reduce both total cholesterols LDL cholesterol or bad and triglyceride in blood. Although, also was observed to increase the production of HDL cholesterol or good, thanks to its antioxidant action.

An interesting study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that the combination of the consumption of green tea, reservation, foods with vitamin-rich foods C and vitamin E, along with foods rich in omega-3 acids improved antioxidant function. To the extent that the levels of adinopectina rose, increased metabolism and reduced the odds that the arteries are sayonara, thus preventing possible cardiovascular diseases.

One of the diets that take into account the combination of these foods is the Mediterranean diet. It is said that if you include green tea within this diet or within a balanced diet can not only lose weight, but also care for your quality of life.

When is it best to consume green tea for weight loss

As well, you can drink three cups per day, both cold and hot. Distribute it in the following way: a Cup at the breakfast, and the other two between meals. Even if you wish you can prepare different dishes such as green tea ice cream or cookies from green tea. In this way you get all its potential, minimizing possible adverse effects.

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