Forms of consumption of celery for weight loss

weight loseWould you like to eat celery or get their properties in one way or another? Then it’s time that you know the different ways you have of consuming this noble plant. Learn in this article a large number of variants to take advantage of this noble vegetable.

Celery can be very good in the diet to lose weight. It is very diuretic, depurative, rich in fiber, low in calories and highly regarded when it comes to a natural help for weight loss is.

What such so if you know some many options to start consuming celery to lose weight? You don’t have more to read this note and meet several options.

How to consume the celery for weight loss

Cleansing of celery and artichoke soup: Great soup to activate your urine output, your digestive system and also help to hepatic metabolism. A combination of detox which will not fail ever.

 Purifying celery broth: A fabulous recipe that will come in great for before meals. It is not difficult to prepare and is perfect for your kidneys, since you also have parsley.

 Test celery diet: Making a dietary cure of celery isn’t a bad idea. Follow the steps proposed in the previous link and you will see what that is.

 Not leave aside this diuretic remedy: Ideal is the celery to release retained liquids. Here you will have a choice mixed with lemon, ginger and more.

 Do you feel with a rich green Smoothie. Celery, spinach, Apple, china seeds can you think perhaps something healthier to start the day than that milkshake? Fiber, vitamins, minerals and all the good things you can imagine.

 Kiwi and celery, an excellent mix: This milkshake goes wonders. A mix again green and healthy, with good amount of fiber. Ideal for those who like to mix fruits and vegetables in a same vessel.

 Classic celery tea: Celery and water won’t need anything more than this combination to have a drink highly diuretic, perfect in your cup to eliminate retained liquids.

Of course, don’t use it also in salads of all kinds. Do you know to what looks good? Spread able cream vegetable such as hummus or mayonnaise of carrot. Healthy, crunchy and refreshing.

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