Combination of carbohydrates to obtain energy and lose weight

lose weightIf meats are not to your liking, but you want to lose weight fast, I invite you to know How to lower the numbers of the scale eating rice and fruits. This combination of carbohydrates could help you lose weight, obtaining energy.

If you want to lose weight, it is significant that you can adapt to your needs and tastes to your diet, especially if they crave you much vegetables and grains such as rice.

In this case, you have a model’s diet to follow, as for example the diet of rice and fruits. This regimen to lose weight has special features that can help you to lower the numbers of your scale.

Characteristics of the diet of rice and fruits

It is a restrictive and unbalanced diet, since it is based only on the consumption of rice and fruits.It is a cleansing diet, since fiber helps to remove waste from the body. It is also an antioxidant diet, minerals, vitamins, and compounds that help increase metabolism and burn fat faster.

This diet combines complex carbohydrates along with faster absorption carbohydrates from fruits. This allows that you get immediate energy; you have less appetite, and detoxify your body.

Provides a high degree of fiber, not only by raw vegetables but because rice must be comprehensive.It is a diet that it should not be for more than one week.You can lose about a pound per week.

What is this diet

This diet is the consumption of 250 gr. of cooked Brown rice as a main meal with half a kilo of applesauce, most other fresh fruits. You can also include light gelatins.

So that you can put into practice this diet it is important that you know an example of menu

Example of menu

Breakfast: tea with skimmed milk. 2 cookies of rice with cheese low-fat.

Average morning: A cup of applesauce.

Lunch: Brown rice cooked carrot salad. A cup of applesauce.

Snack: fresh fruit.

Average afternoon: A portion of gelatin light.

Dinner: hot dish of cooked Brown rice. If you wish you can add half a can of tuna to water. A cup of applesauce light.


As this diet is very monotonous, you can add a vegetable and half portion of chicken,Turkeyor fish to go with this diet.Remember, it is not advisable to make this diet for more than one week. If you want you can do this diet for a week, resting a week carrying out a 1500-calorie balanced diet and another week of this diet.

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