Can for health soy lecithin be harmful

dietSoy lecithin is considered a supplement, it is important to know not only profits, but also its side effects and if you can or not be detrimental to the health. In this way, you can take advantage of all its virtues and prevent possible adverse effects.

Lecithin is a fat essential for cells, and that can be obtained through the consumption of certain foods such as e.g. soybeans.

It is organic compounds, today it is considered a dietary supplement that can help you to treat different conditions, as for example lose weight through liver cleansing.Even though soy lecithin has different properties and benefits, it may also have side effects.

Does soy lecithin side effects

Even though soy lecithin e considered potentially safe for most people, it can cause some unfavorable belongings, the most common are:

Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea for example.

Sudden changes in weight.

Loss of appetite.Allergy skin, like for example eruptions.Nausea, dizziness and vomiting.Confusion.Blood pressure reduction.Fainting.

Many of these side effects can be caused by chemicals that are applied to the cultivation of soybeans.In addition to these data, scientific studies that have evaluated the toxicity of the organic compound controversial are known. According to the researchers of these studies, lecithin of soybean in concentrations between 2 to 5% in pregnant rat’s diets, and diet of newborn rats, would provoke cognitive deficiencies.

This toxic effect would be due to the excess of chorine in the brain, but it is important to clarify that most of the people have deficits of Hill, so the results of this study are controversial. Also, there are no known negative with other supplements or medications interactions.

Taking into account this information, perhaps you wonder if soy lecithin is detrimental to health. Well, in principle it is important that you check with your doctor especially if you’re allergic. However, the FAO/who sees to the soy lecithin as a safe natural supplement consumed in adequate doses.

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