A Healthy Meat with Slimming Benefits

slimThe fish is considered a healthy meat by its organic components, but in addition, eating fish helps you to lose 1 pound a month. If you want to learn more about these benefits slimming, don’t miss this note.

One heart healthy food is fish. This contains acids omega-3 that increases good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol, maintain healthy arteries and therefore the heart. Perhaps you wonder that it has to do with losing weight, apparently too much.

There have been very interesting researches that have come to the conclusion that eating fish on a regular basis will help you to lose 1 kilo a month.

The objective of this study was actually know that effect had the inclusion of seafood and of fish oil in a diet low in calories, and how this new habit influence on weight loss. For this purpose, included:

150 g COD/3 times a week.

150 g salmon/3 times a week.

Of fish oil in capsules.

Other interesting data that threw this study that existed not only weight loss, but is he lost fat at the expense of muscle mass, since also modified the body mass. This data is relevant, too, for those who want to lose localized fat.

The findings were surprising, since it was observed that the fish is a food with multiple properties to care for your health. Today the recommendations of meat have changed, if we compare them with many years before.

Every day, eat fish while reducing red meat consumption, since the latter have a very different fat composition. These provide more saturated fat, unlike fish which have a high percentage of fatty acids omegas 3.

The fish is a meat that can be included in different foods from your diet, either cooking it broiled, grilled, baked, to fill plants, cakes or simply include them in salads.

Eating fish is not difficult, it is just a matter of changing habits, lose weight in a healthy way and improve your quality of life. Are you going to miss all these benefits.

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