What is the diet of the prodigious enzyme

dietThe enzymatic creation of Hiromi Shinya

Surely once you’ve heard diet prodigious enzyme of Dr. Hiromi Shinya, which is a best seller around the world. But, do you know what it is? In this article you will know it thoroughly.

Have you ever heard ever prodigious enzyme diet? It is a creation of Hiromi Shinya, a Japanese doctor who has now become a kind of celebrity by the grace of this regime. This diet, precisely, comes from a book called in the same way, which is all the rage around the world. But what is behind this diet that generates both stir? In this article you will know it in detail.

What is the idea of the prodigious enzyme diet

The diet of the prodigious enzyme is promoted by its creator, Dr. Hiromi Shinya not as a diet to lose weight, but as a philosophy of life, something that goes far beyond this. Obviously, in cases as of this diet, weight loss will end up arriving in addition, and already you’ll tells why once made the breakdown of what you eat in such a regime.

This diet has a big problem and is precisely his name. One to hear prodigious enzyme imagines almost immediately any attempted fraud. Because whenever a word of these characteristics is linked to weight loss, there is usually something strange behind.

Shinya speaks of an enzyme, which is produced in the body and mother serving as the biocatalyzer those repairs our cells. Thus, this nutritional method would be not only suitable for weight loss, but a fabric freshener general so the body fills your body’s enzymes and is regenerated, repair at the cellular level, passing on the prevention of many evils.

What foods are allowed and what not on this diet

Precisely, foods that generate enzymes in the body, usually known as enzymatic. This consists, basically, at between 85 and 90 percent of foods to eat which derive from the plant world and 10 to 15 which correspond to the animal Kingdom. So, would achieve a healthy diet, not only to lose weight, but to improve the conditions of health in General.

But here is the thing. This vegetable percentage, half should correspond to whole grains and legumes. 30 percent goes to roots, Greens and yellow. The remainder is for fruits, nuts and seeds. Within the animal Kingdom, the key will be to eat whole fish and a little red meat and eggs, but only from time to time.

Dairy products, fats, oils, sugars and refined products are out of the diet. Herbal teas such as tea or coffee, you can make them part of the diet, but only with two or three cups a day.

Other keys:

Early dinner at least five hours before bedtime.

Much chew food.

It’s always going to bed at the same time and sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day.

Get moderate exercise.

Be preferred food as fresh as possible and with little cooking or at low temperatures.

It consumes a lot of water, but as long as the purest possible.

Don’t eat between meals, only fruit or some juice to satisfy you.

How would a prodigious enzyme diet menu?

Breakfast: A bowl of whole grain cereal

Between half and one hour before lunch: A cup of red tea and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Lunch or meal: Chickpeas cooked with garlic and parsley; a salad of grated carrot, tomato, onion, and quinoa.

Between half and one hour before dinner: An Apple and a cup of green tea.

Dinner: A fillet of about 100 grams of fish prepared on the grill. A portion of brown rice. A good salad of green leaves and a small potato baked.

General diagnosis of the diet

There are very strong both for and against this diet positions. On the one hand, is that it is completely healthy, because it has a huge amount of vegetables in food distribution, very few animals, is low in fat and, in General, encourages eating foods that have very positive nutrient loads.

The theme is .One can lose weight by such prodigious enzymes that have these foods? Or you end up slimming because these foods are healthy, energetic, low in fat, low in calories, and positive for the organism? Many times, the approach ends up being the problem, since the Fund, the idea itself, is frankly positive. This seems to be the case of the diet of the prodigious enzyme. A name which, nevertheless, does not seem to have bad fallen to the world, since the book of Shinya is a global bestseller.

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