To lose weight with the Dukan diet

dietDo a while ago that you are wishing to make the Dukan diet and it is costing you to take that initial step? Do you feel that you don’t have ideas to start with this diet plan? Well, then this contest is for you. Vote in the poll, your age, weight, height and number of pounds you want to lose your physical type to make the winner of the contest. Leave in the comments a type of recipe that you would like to appear and, in addition, have a custom menu. But better get reading the rest of the article. Remember that you have time until October 30.

The Dukan diet, without a doubt, is one of the most popular ones that exist today and also make one that is giving better results to who. But it is also true that you can have your doubts and it costs you, above all, to start the diet of good shape and get lose those pounds that you want to remove from over. It is that, of the hand of this diet, you can lose up to 20 pounds if you propose it, starting with the attack phase.

What is the Dukan diet attack phase

One of the more complicated phases, and which can get to get out of the diet in the first few days, is called pure protein attack phase. In it, as its name implies, only proteins such as milk 0%, you can eat some eggs, lean meat and the ubiquitous supply of fiber from oat bran. For this reason, this stage is complicated and not knowing what to eat can make to finish anywhere. If you manage your task, you can get to lose between 2 and 4 pounds in less than a week, since it is the time in which most thins during the diet.

I want start the Dukan diet! How can I participate in this contest?

To lose weight and ABC Dukan have decided to take this contest together to help you, that begins October 21 and ends 30th of this month. First, you have to let your sex, age, weight, height and range of pounds you want to lose in the polls below. For what? To fight your physical type, and age is the winner of the contest.

Subsequently, in the comments, you have to leave a suggestion of recipe you want to form part of this phase of the diet. Do you like chicken? Propose something with him. Do you like beef? Then to be through her. Do you like fish? Do not recall suggesting it in the comments. The formula future by the comment most voted by users will be included in the winning menu of the attack phase.

And what I get after you vote and comment

The winner of the poll, profile type is accessible neither more nor less than the attack phase of the Dukan diet custom, ready to perform, designed by a specialist in this regime as Claudia and with the recipe that you ask for. So, you do not have extra than starting bid so that your physical profile is the winner and then leave your comment.

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