To combat sagging muscles need exercise your legs

exerciesSusana Daikidissa tells you what to do for your legs look shapely and slender Susana Dakidissa is helping us to answer queries from our users. This time, it will tell you How to combat sagging of the legs to make them look more shapely and slender. Don’t miss out on your response!

Surely already participated the Susana Daikidissa video contest, as well now with us answering your questions or doubts. In the previous installment, Susana answered whether it was possible or not to reduce localized fat.

Now, to continue with this column, Susana answers the following consultation carried out by Adriana Sanchez,Mexico, D.F. Hello, I am losing weight, but my skin has been flaccid. I do half an hour of zumba every day. What is optional for the sagging.

The sagging of the thighs can be caused by many factors, as e.g. it lack of exercise, downhill quick weight, feed low in proteins, hormonal change, era.To begin, it is important to know have sagging, since it may be present in the skin, muscles or both zones.

Sagging skin

If you mainly have sagging skin you can reduce it with massages. To do this, you must use a firming cream and apply it to the skin clean twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Once applied these creams is important to use a good massage. Though the creams can help to improve the appearance of skin, do not offer miraculous results, for this reason it is important that you combine their use with a healthy diet and exercise.

Muscle flaccidity

To combat sagging of the muscles you need to exercise your legs, this not only you fight sagging, but that your legs will be turned more harmonious and slender.

The exercises that you can put into practice are:

50 Minutes a day in brisk walks. In addition to walking you can run a little every day, this in addition to hardening the legs helps fight cellulite.

Bike. The bike is another great exercise to combat sagging of the legs, and to shape them. It’s a fun activity that, in addition, provides many benefits to your cardiovascular system.

Aqua fitness, gymnastics in the water. This is one of the best physical activities that exist to maintain the strong legs and prevent sagging. The water pressure and its cold temperature make results visible more quickly.

Other toning exercises. In addition, there are many toning exercises that you can do at home to strengthen the legs, such as doing squats, up and down stairs.

In these videos you can find some of the exercises to combat flaccidityIs important that these exercises combine them with other cardio exercises, like for example swimming, jogging or aerobics.

The important thing is that you combine both types of exercises, with emphasis on localized exercises. The ideal is that you work a muscle butt one day, and the next day let it rest. This is because the muscles to grow while the body rests. If you work the same muscle everyday, not leave that repair and will tone up properly.

Keep in mind that food is essential to combat sagging of any part of the body and legs, diets rich in fats and carbohydrates refined negatively affect the skin, giving it a flabby appearance. In addition, the lack of proteins increases muscles and skin sagging, since these are very important for the formation of tissues.

Don’t forget to drink two liters of water a day that moisturizes the skin inside and eats healthy, missing in your diet not the vegetables and fruits that provide you with antioxidants. On the other hand, avoids tobacco, alcohol and excess salt.

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