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weight loseUndoubtedly nut of the India’s one of the elements to weight loss most controversial that exist. On the one hand, they are those people who do not cease to praise its properties and to say that, thanks to their action, they have managed to burn fat in a unique way.

But are also testimonials that say the opposite: that not only did it nothing to weight loss, but until almost the life is going by the danger posed by the use of this natural remedy.

For this reason, the best thing is that you follow carefully evaluating this supplement before eating it. A good way is watching what they say to those who have consumed it at some point in their lives. You’ll find everything, both for and against. In this article, you will find an interesting collection of testimonies.

Testimony in favor of the India Walnut:

Super good the India walnut. He calmed down all the symptoms of colitis, as well as loses weight. If you have given someone diarrhea is because they are selling another seed instead of the India walnut.

I took the India Walnut for 3 months and lost 20 kilos. Yes, it is true that it gives you diarrhea but it is only at the beginning, until your body gets used to go to the bathroom and you get it controlled. You have some abdominal pain, but it is not an exaggeration. If the people claiming that it has hurt you or has ended in a hospital is only by that have not followed the steps properly and then they blame the product by misuse of the person. I recommend it.

Tell them I have more than 3 months of taking the walnut and it has gone I wonder. My body has toned and I have incredibly lost carvings without dieting. I not suffered from diarrhea and initially believed q did not give any results but I kept taking them, and then notice a change in my body, when the clothes no longer had I set.

I weighed 81 kg and now weight 74 kg. The only effect I’ve noticed that he is repeated with other girls is a mild muscle pain but in my case has to be that I am not following instructions on the foot, since bananas daily, but I forget when I remember and is due to a lack of potassium.

Testimony against the India Walnut:

Began to take various types of pills to lose weight, nothing I to good. I was told to try taking 3 liters of water a day, but do not work for me. In fact I tried everything, until I started taking the nut of the India. The first 10 days lost 2 kilos quickly, but that brought consequences since the muscle aches were atrocious; it was as if I had walked 10 kilometers, the pain was intense. Then with the following 10 days but my balls like my arms chests, hurt me all, I had a hard time sleeping and bone pains, that is was terrible. I lost 4 pounds in 20 days. Suspended her pain and fear.

This is my experience with the nut of the India: on the third day of having taken as thus stated, convulsion me, threw up and the cause was the Indianian, because never in my life I’ve suffered epileptic seizures or something similar so give me seizures. The doctor told me it was because I intoxicate me with this thing. Each body is different, of course. But that it is toxic is toxic. Please, do not risk your life

My sister, a friend and I tomatoes the nut of the India and did us absolutely nothing more than getting sick and spend more silver in remedies to improve that which weak. It was awful, we went to the hospital. Keep captivating that fatal, all that does is weaken you and give you indigestion that you can not stop.

After reading all these opinions, both in favors and against, can silently slip through your mind questions like these: would the India Walnut seed slimming and those who have problems is because they use it wrong? It is a laxative that causes dehydration and hence these terrible problems arise? Is wise to consume something that sure that it can generate such collateral damage?

Actually, one can be found with any comments regarding this controversial supplement for weight loss. But first and foremost, it should be aware that weight loss is OK, but not at any price. Remember the most important thing: a healthy diet, exercise, and a positive mind will lead you to the goal. Miracles, generally, do not exist.

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