Satiate property of salads


When you need to lose weight you have to take all the resources you have at hand to reduce appetite or anxiety to eat. One of the tricks suggested, is to eat salads before the main meal. But, why. To find out, it is important to know its satiating properties.

The salads are recommended preparations in all diet self respecting diet balanced diet. The salads are preparations with interesting nutritional characteristics which are useful for weight loss.

Nutritional characteristics of salads to lose weight

They are high in fiber. These foods are rich in fiber provided by vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dried fruits, legumes. All permitted food to prepare.

High content of antioxidants. These same foods provide nutrients that act as antioxidants, helping to burn fats and prevent other diseases associated with being overweight.

Very low and low caloric density. In general, foods that can be included in the salads have a very low or low caloric density, allowing you to eat more without guilt.These features will help you to understand why it is better to eat salads before the main meal.

It will help you to eat less. The satiating properties of salads is the main feature, since if you eat them before the main meal, such as pasta or meat, you will eat less. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains or legumes are high in fiber; substance that takes longer to be digested and will prevent that you eat more in your main meal.

It will help you to burn fat faster. Both the fiber and antioxidants help to burn fat faster. Like? Antioxidants accelerates the entry of greases for combustion, while the fiber slows the absorption of glucose so the body needs to use the fatty tissue for energy.

For these two reasons, do not miss the opportunity to consume salads before the main course, you will notice that you will eat smaller portions, which will be reflected in the balance.

Remember that to get all the properties of the salads, you must use light dressings or simply vegetable oils, lemon or vinegar or Balsamic and salt.

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