Meet the Cleansing Diet

dietCleansing diet the abundance of own party food December, do we eat more in December and in January, when we weighed on the scale and sorry to have increased a couple of kilos.

If it’s been like this case and would again return to your normal weight, you can take a cleansing with which not only clean diet the body of toxins meals and drinks consumed in excess it also helps you lose weight.

Cleansing diet

Emphasizes fruits and vegetables, and just do it for three days, as these foods contain a lot of water and are rich in Libra, vitamins and minerals, this increases the diuretic function, and thus expels toxins.Remember that fruits are the best desiccant after so much food.

An example of cleansing diet:

Model cleansing diet

Day 1

Breakfast: Apple juice and yogurt

Mid-morning, pear and grape juice

Lunch: Mixed salad of tomatoes, onions, lettuce and celery. Seasoned with lemon juice.

Dessert: pear

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: Baked pumpkin and yogurt

Day 2

Breakfast: Lemon juice with artificial honey or sugar, and tofu.

Mid morning: Grape juice and a peach

Lunch: soup with carrot zucchini

Dessert: Cherries

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: Grilled artichokes.

Dessert: yogurt

Day 3

Breakfast: Grape juice and yogurt

Mid morning: An apple

Lunch: Cauliflower with artichokes and potatoes baked with orange avocado.

Dessert: Grapes

Snack: a pear

Dinner: Salad with celery, onion and watercress an omelet with asparagus.

Dessert: yogurt

To support the work of this diet we can boil the mixture of vegetables that we offer below, the effect is tonic and diuretic.

Broth to cleanse

In a half liter of water we add a carrot, zucchini, onion medium sized clove of garlic, fresh parsley and a stalk of celery. Boil all together for half an hour on medium heat. If taken in the morning you can precede the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon mixed with water, it balances and cleanses the blood as well as being rich in vitamin C.

This vegetable soup is made with vegetables each season, boiling them for an hour at least to stop all the vitamins and minerals in the water. We can add algae, such as a piece of kombi to enrich the broth with minerals such as iodine, among others.

In winter we can do more quantity and keep in the fridge for a week. It is a resource for soup in no time, adding some noodles, some oatmeal and some mist for excellent winter soup.

One glass in the morning and one at night before bed sufficient to rapidly eliminate toxins through urine. We can do it whenever we feel like three weeks and rest one, as the only method of debugging.

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