Maintain a healthy weight to avoid complications

weight loseIf these pregnant and you have overweight, don’t miss these 5 tips that will help you maintain a well mass, avoiding complication.Pregnancy is a very special stage, and as such one needs special care that can keep you healthy both you and your baby. While you’re pregnant you should not perform a diet for losing weight, therefore If you have overweight before becoming pregnant the ideal is that you lose weight and after that, plan to have a baby.

Three possible scenarios can occur during pregnancy

Situation 1: you have a normal weight before becoming pregnant and increase between 9 to 15 kg approximately.

Situation 2: you have a normal weight before being pregnant, but then increase more than 15 kilos.

Situation 3: you have overweight before becoming pregnant and increase much weight during pregnancy.

In the latter two cases it is important that you have presented some tips for maintaining a healthy weight and prevent complications.

5 tips for pregnant women with overweight

It is important to have an organized diet and not eat all the time. It is necessary that you anticipating a diet containing a daily menu that contains 6 meals a day, in which you include healthy food and restrings the consumption of foods rich in flours, fats and sugars.

Breakfast daily. Often make the mistake of not breakfast, especially if you are just in time. Breakfast gives you enough energy so that you make your activities and be able to feed your baby. Hypoglycemia may cause side effects that you can avoid having breakfast.

If you feel hunger have at hand your own emergency kit to anxiety attacks. It is important that you carry with you any of these foods to avoid buying other products that only add calories.

Drink plenty of water. Water not only helps you to avoid fluid retention, eliminate toxins and stimulates intestinal transit, increasing the volume of stool. It is ideal to drink 2 liters of water per day. If you suffer from high blood pressure, choose mineral water low sodium or baby drinking tap water.

Walking, walking and walking, this is the best exercise you can do. Physical exercise is not only important for maintaining your healthy weight, but to maintain a stable your pressure, your glucose and to strengthen the muscles of the undercarriage, so important at the time of delivery.

These 5 tips will allow you to maintain a healthy weight, so if you had or not overweight before becoming pregnant. Remember make you periodic inspections with your obstetrician to maintain a record of your weight, and other parameters such as blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, uremia and glucose.

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