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lose weightSusana Dakidissa tells you why is can not slimming specific areas

Today is day of releases in a losing weight, although the figure in question already surely you know very well. Susana Dakidissa, the renowned fitness instructor, answers some requests from our users, who require their Tips to look better. Are you going to lose

It is a pleasure to count on the collaboration of Susana Dakidissa again on this site. If you already enjoyed his interview and participated in the contest, it was time to come your fitness tips and your keys so you can feel better and get revenue that is most appropriate to your effort.

One of the most common questions that normally reach the bog in terms of exercises is to be presented below and which Susana will reply with great sensitivity. Very common is that people want to lose weight in your arms or legs.

But, is this possible? Better be responsible Dakidissa give them the indicated response.I want some exercise focused on legs and arms, because that is what I feel in my body that I downloaded. Thank you

Not to lose localized fat. You can put all your momentum to lose fat from one area, but the body will decide where collects it. There are no exercises to lose fat from a specific region of the body, unluckily.

With the cardio, which is going better for to eliminate fat, lose fat throughout the body, not of a particular area. If you want to reduce localized fat in a given area, the only thing you can do is to opt for a comprehensive maneuver, in the face of losing lipids throughout the body. Afterwards, the body will be who will decide where to take that fat that will burn with exercise.

Normally, certain are that the fat that first loses with exercise is the most recent and it is estimated that the oldest grease cost more lose it.

As you said, there are no exercises that help you to lose fat from a specific body part, since localized exercises work muscles, not fat. Therefore, you can use them, but more than anything for tone, to eliminate sagging and give you a stronger framework to that area of the body.

Then, it should be what a person who wants to lose weight? Thus two things. Firstly, reduce the intake of calories from foods. In the second instance, cardio exercise. For this reason, it might say that the combination of healthy diet + cardio exercise can produce the perfect combination for optimal body fat tissue loss.

In addition it is important to exercise located to the area that interests you to get off because that will strengthen you muscles, which is very important. Sometimes, you think you have fat and much of what you really have here is neither more nor less than sagging musculature. If you tonificas it, the most strong and stylized area will be.

As you have read, more than interesting appreciations of Susana Dakidissa face which localized exercises you can do, but to tone. If what you want is to lose weight, according to his words, nothing like the combination of exercises cardio and a good diet.

Of course, don’t miss your chance to leave your inquiry or what you would like to Susana Dakidissa you advise in comments .

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