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dietInterview with Irene Buenos: the diet raw vegan lifestyle

Would have heard of the diet also known as diet raw vegan raw? This regime can get you to not only help to lose weight and feel much better health in general, but it is a type of power completely ethical and sustainable. But what better that tell you Irene good, one of the references in Spainon the subject, what about this diet. Enjoy this interview.

Surely you have heard more than once of the raw vegan diet, also known as diet raw. This type of power, as its name proclaims him, simply as raw material all kinds of plant foods, eaten raw, below the 41 ° centigrade.

This regime, although it is much more than a diet to lose weight, since it is an ethic and lifestyle, can help you to stay in shape, very healthy and full of energy

This is how you can tell it Irene good, one of the undisputed reference on the subject inSpain. She is raw vegan three years ago and vegetarian since he was born. He is instructor of fitness, nutrition and sports supplementation. It is also a personal trainer and practitioner of karate. In case outside little, teaches spinning, yoga, body balance, personal training and nutritional coaching. Also, in his spare time chef and manages the raw vegan in Spain Face book group.

All of this makes it eating day itself and day also those raw vegetables that many despise. For this reason, who better than her so that tell you what it is about this diet and lifestyle?

First of all, surely many readers are unaware of what the raw vegan or raw diet. You tell them what it is?

More than a diet is a philosophy of life, which includes, among many other things, eats a healthy, sustainable, and ethical. Ethics with other beings that feel, with which we share the planet; healthy because it respects our biology and our organic food; sustainable because it fosters the sharing of resources of the planet among all its inhabitants. The part of power would be based on fruits, vegetables of green leaf, vegetables, seeds, nuts, seaweed, and roots. and all those foods to be possible of ecological origin and without heating above 41 °, temperature from which food produces digestive Leukocytosis, loss of energy, and also loses all of its enzymes and begins to also lose vitamins and minerals.

How and why you volcaste to this type of diet? Do you already have previous experience in veganism or some kind of similar power?

Have the great fortune to be vegetarian from birth, always thanks to my parents. However, despite being vegetarian and sportsman, a few years ago I began to have health problems and I started to investigate, so I decided to eliminate foods like soy, gluten and dairy all and I noticed a great improvement. But when one begins to learn and study on nutrition. you can’t stop. So I decided to go a little further and try 15 days only to raw to purify the body and I felt so full of energy that I decided I wanted to live life with that vitality forever, so I kept eating all raw and already does almost 3 years of that.

Probably more than one person must be wondering if this diet generated you a lack of nutrients. How do you complement this facet with your intense sporting activity?

This question is normal; I had it at the beginning. We have the false belief that the fruit, vegetables, vegetables. are insufficient. We see them as companions of food, when in reality are the main food. To not be cooked, have many more nutrients that have not been destroyed by the heat. When one cleans the intestines recovers a greater capacity of assimilation of nutrients, so it does not need as many quantities to be nourished. In the plant world can find all, absolutely all the essential nutrients we need – not just to keep us alive – but for a full and healthy life. Another important issue is to eat organic, organic foods have up to 40% more nutrients, so in the long run, it comes out cheaper.

With regard to sport, as sometimes I don’t have time to eat all the amounts that should be I usually use 100% raw and organic natural super foods. As maca, hemp seeds, cocoa, wheat grass. These are not supplements, they are foods that you can find in nature but with a particularly generous load of nutrients.

Should not be forgotten that foods that give you more energy are that you take away less energy for digestion, and these are fruits, vegetables, etc. and all in its raw form.

Would also have to rethink that actual amount of nutrients needed a healthy body, and harmful side effects that has on our organism the indiscriminate consumption of some of these nutrients, like for example protein, resulting in excess acidification, osteoporosis, nitrogenous wastes as uric acid, urea, etc.

Although it may not be a diet designed for losing weight, but from a more comprehensive vision. Would you recommend to someone who wants to lose weight to follow this kind of foodstuff? Why?

Of course! In the first place because this diet excludes all foods that cause obesity, which is nothing else than toxemia. And secondly because it is a rich and fun, food that you can eat everything you want without restriction of quantity, rich in colors, flavors, and which also promotes the Elimination of toxins and therefore the reduction of adipose tissue and fluid retention. Besides that, when you feel more energy, people often find the desire to move, things to do, sport and this is essential for weight loss.

Surely lack of ideas when it comes to eating is one of the things that more end to conspiring in this kind of diets. Some ideas to replace animal raw food products? What are your sources of proteins of header?

Fully in agreement, the system has atrophied creativity, in many fields, and raw feeding is a good opportunity to get back it. I know many people who eat raw and it is wonderful to see how they manage to make rich and well presented dishes. We eat with all the senses, therefore must not remember the view, the stink.

I think the products of animal origin must not replace them, what you need to do is to simply not take them. With respect to the protein, I have the same opinion, many of our health problems are arising from an excess of protein in the diet, and our main concern should be not abusing her and not missing us. We need much less protein than we are eating, fruit, vegetables, seeds. are essential amino acids, which are those who actually need to build our own human protein, nature has designed these foods with the appropriate % of nutrients for us, you do not need to invent anything new to us nor that let’s be smarter than she proposing industrial products refined with isolated that all nutrients that have been shown so far is that they are very effective for getting sick. And also fidelizarnos as customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Finally, tell us what is your favorite recipe, so readers can also put it into practice.

My favorite recipe is raw vegan lasagna. Consists of a few slices of cut Zucchini into long strips then a layer of avocado into strips with a few drops of lemon, another layer of Arugula, another layer of ketchup to shredded with dried tomatoes and dates and we can thus repeat to make 2 or 3 floors, put in the last layer of tomato sauce and some spices such as oregano or Basil and can accompany with a liquid cleanser with cucumber, Apple and lime. You can have a delicious, light, with a spectacular presentation food.

Where your work can find

You can visit my personal site. You can also find me at La Fuente del Gato a hotel raw vegan 45 kilometers from Madrid, where I personally attend the weekends. I also work Nutrition Advisor in the Holistic Vital Hygiene Institute. In addition, administer a Face book group called Raw VeganSpain, where you will find much more information in this regard. Finally, I recommend reading the blog a world of outbreaks.

As you have seen, Irene good words are really revealing. You may or may not be in accordance with it; adopts or not diet raw vegan lifestyle. But that does not sound to empty words in a world where most are increasingly the hucksters of the so-called absolute truth in weight loss, that is really undeniable.

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