Intense anxiety for food and weight gain

lose weightObesity is a multi underlying sickness. One of the possible factors is a genetic alteration, known as Prader-Willi condition. If you want to know more about the connection between these diseases, anxiety for the food and excessive weight grow, do not miss this piece.

While obesity has increased trigger bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, there is a percentage of people suffering from genetic disorders that cause excessive weight gain, such is the case of the Prader Willi syndrome, also known as SPW.

What is the Prader-Willi syndrome

This syndrome occurs by various alterations that occur on chromosome 15, and there is necessarily no family history for the emergence of this syndrome.

While sufferers of SPW have different symptoms and signs, the overweight and obesity is one of the most obvious.

Causes by which people with Prader-Willi syndrome are obese

Reduction in metabolism. A child with SPW grows your metabolism changes. This slows, burning fewer calories for energy. Which translates into a sustained weight gain.

Inability to feel satiety. Genetic alteration prevents them from stop feeling hunger, since your brain does not list satiety stimuli sent by the stomach.They do not control the amount of food they eat. Since they don’t feel satiety, they have no control of what they eat.

Low levels of GH. Due to low levels of growth hormone occurs, not only a reduction of the level of growth, but it increases the fatty tissue.

How should the diet of a person suffering SPW

It must be a balanced and harmonious diet. It should contain fewer calories in relation to a normal diet, but always with regard to a harmony between the different percentages of nutrients.

Low-calorie. If the weight of who suffers from SPW is right is established the following formula: size in cm x 10 Kcal/day. Now if the weight is too much formula would change a: size in cm x 8.8 Kcal/day.

It should be a controlled diet. Perhaps the most important thing that must be considered is the control for the food, since you don’t have to forget that these people cannot control their anxiety about food.

How should an example of menu be for a person with SPW

Breakfast: 1 cup of skimmed milk with a fresh fruit either Apple or pear.

Average morning: 1 slice of bread with a slice of hamYork, fat-free kind,

Lunch. 125 gr. fish grilled with panache of vegetables. 1 slices of bread. 1 orange.

Snack: 1 ½ yogurt and fruit.

Dinner: A bowl of soup noodles. 100 gr. e chicken grilled with 100 gr. of vegetables. 1 slices of bread. 1 peach.

For people who suffer from PSW is important to control the access of food inside and outside the home, because food tends to be a great temptation, and worst of all that cannot be controlled by eating anxiety. Therefore, they need support and containment of family and friends to avoid the temptation.

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