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exerciesTips to maintain children develop good habits of life

Each day more children suffer from obesity and, even though complications may not develop immediately, these can influence their adult lives. Therefore, on this occasion you drink 5 tricks or tips so that your children can eat less calories and more healthy. In this way will be able to develop good habits of life.

Children are influenced by a multitude of stimuli that are not always healthy. Enough to see the ads for candy snacks, or chains of fast so children want to eat all that and more food. Not to mention that every day more are encouraged sedentary lifestyle, thanks to video games and the indiscriminate use of the PC.

All this attention to the health of the child, among other pathologist causing overweight. At this point is very important your intervention as a father, and that children need a guide to control both food and sedentary lifestyle.

Therefore, you provide these tips that can help your children to change habits of life that promote their health and today and tomorrow.

5 tricks to make children eat food with fewer calories and do exercises

Asks for help to cook. A fun trick and that can promote family integrity is invite you to that you cook your own food. To the know the ingredients, how to handle them and as cooking it acquire new and healthy eating habits, and also to learn it’s a fun and entertaining way.

Serves moderate portions. When sitting down to eat, the best is to directly serve the food to the plate and do not carry the source to the table. In this way the children will eat just the right amount. Even if children are large, they can help you serve so that they themselves realize what amount of food is adequate.

Replace foods high in calories and fat for healthy food. Please view foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts or dried fruit that children can be taken in the form of collation or snack.

You are the example. Children learn not only what they are told, but by what they see. For this reason, your also you must eat healthy and exercise. Don’t forget that it preaches by example.

Share exercise with them. Encourage them to play. Through the game you can not only encourage them to make exercise and burn calories, but it stimulates their development and their interaction with other children or with the rest of the family. Exercise helps not only the body but also the mind.

These 5 tips are practical and have no charge, then because you missed them. Also keep in mind that there are other strategies that can help your children to combat the overweight.

Your are the model of your children and your guide to have good food and lifestyle habits, why don’t take into account these tricks and you’ll see that your child will not only control their weight, they will have a better and greater communication with the family.

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