Diet to Lose Belly Without Losing Bust

dietThe famous just like any woman want to look thin, sometimes without measuring the consequences. This is how the famous diets arise. In this case, you shall present the secret weapon present Katy Perry, a diet that would allow you to lose stomach without losing bust.

There are many diets of the famous, food diet, Atkins Diet, diet of Angelina Jolie, etc. As well it has added one more, M Plan diet. Apparently this is the secret weapon of some celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Kelly Osborne. This diet promises to lose abdominal fat, fine tune waist, arms and legs, without losing bust.

The diet is very simple. This diet has a duration of 14 days, which is in lieu of lunch or dinner by a dish containing only mushrooms or mushrooms, preferably raw.

Perhaps you wonder because eating mushrooms, and not other food or vegetables. As well, the mushrooms are organic compounds and active ingredients that help to combat the extra kilos. The main features presented by this plant are: high in fiber, low in calories, high filling power and purifying effect.

According to certain scientific studies in the treatment of Cancer, City of Hope, Center have shown that replacing 120 Gr. of meat by 120 Gr. mushrooms or mushrooms, once a week for a year, can result in a saving of 18,000 calories and nearly 3,000 grams of fats.

Although this diet is for just two weeks, the reality is the effect causing the mushrooms could be the same as any other vegetable, since vegetables generally share similar characteristics and properties.

If you replace meat plant, you are reducing calories, saturated fat removing and you are adding fiber and trace minerals to your diet.

The important thing is not to deceive, since if you only eat mushrooms safe you but not only for the properties present this plant. On the other hand, it is important to have present that of nothing will serve you eat at a meal only mushrooms, if not accompanied by the rest of the diet and you eat foods high in fats and calories.

Eating mushrooms is healthy, just like any other vegetable. It incorporates mushrooms to your diet, but within a balanced regime, in which you should avoid flour, simple sugars and foods high in fat-rich foods.

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