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dietThe burgers are a fast food that can get you out of trouble, in addition to being a tasty meal. But if these diet, arises the dilemma facing Burger-Yes Yes or no in the diet. For this reason, it is important to begin to know how many calories provides and how it affects this into a diet to lose weight.

Today fast foods are chosen by large and small, since it is quick to prepare, buy food and fast food. Not to mention that they are very tasty. However these features, burgers have nutritional properties that can scupper a diet to lose weight.

Do many calories provide hamburgers

At this point it is important to note that there is a difference between commercially bought burgers and hamburgers prepared at home. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind in all cases is the caloric value.

The Mac Donalds commercial chain burgers: average calorie between 244 to 870. The traditional big Mac brings 485 calories. In terms of the amount of saturated fat, they contribute between 3.3 up to 23 Gr. respectively.

The chain Burger King Burgers. In this case the average number of calories that contribute is 240 calories 1020 calories. In terms of the saturated fat that contributes, these are between 3.5 to 24 gr.

Homemade hamburger. Although it will depend on ground beef that you use, if you choose minced meat low in fat, a single Hamburger with bread without toppings would be contributing about 200 calories. If this Burger you add dressing, lettuce, tomato and onion you must add about 100 calories more. Is saying that a homemade hamburger would be contributing 300 calories. If you add cheese, add 50 more calories, reaching 350 calories.

Soy Burger. In this case because it is a veggie burger, the fat content will be smaller, since it’s a food of plant origin. The contribution of calories is about 300 calories. This includes a hamburger, bread, condiments, lettuce, tomato and a slice of cheese. Although its caloric value does not vary too much, the difference is in the percentage of saturated fat.

Eat a burger can bring many calories to your diet or not, depending on what hamburger consume. There XXL you should not eat hamburgers and there are simple that if you could consume burgers, everything depends on the Hamburger you eat and the amount.

It is not necessary to consume very large burgers, which you also consume them French fries, soft drink and dessert. You can eat tasty, without exaggerating portions. Remember that make diet, doesn’t mean eating flavorless preparations. You can do it, but being aware of the amount that you eat.

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