Diet of high speed

dietWithin the famous diets you can not miss the diet of Dr. Fricker, also known as the diet of high speed. This diet offers you to eat whatever you want, except sweets. If you want to know How to do it, do not miss this editorial.

Today many of the famous diets have as main characteristic lose weight in stages or phases. The diet of Dr. Fricker is no exception. However, it is important to know what is.Characteristics of the diet of Dr. Fricker.This diet, also known as the diet of high speed, consists of two stages.

First phase or rapid phase

The first stage suggests eating foods rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. The source of carbohydrates that enable you to consume foods: fruits and vegetables. You can also consume yoghurt.

During this first phase are not allowed to consume foods high in starch and sugar-rich foods, such as for example candies, baked goods and bakery products.

This phase can not extend for more than two months and can only eat 3 meals per day.

Second phase

This phase extends for several months until you can lose the weight you were looking for. This phase is more extensive, since you can enter food which in the first stage were forbidden, e.g. bread, biscuits, cereals, seeds and pasta.

The portion suggested this type of food must not exceed the 150 at lunch and dinner.It is important to reduce the portions of meat no more than 100 gr.Both phases should be accompanied with three hours a week of exercise resistance.To make you understand better what this diet, you will present two examples of menus.Example of menu fast phase or phase

Breakfast: A glass of skimmed milk or a yogurt 0% fat. 2 tangerines.

Lunch: A tuna fillet with Salad Greens.

Dinner: A portion of chicken breast with spinach and cucumber salad.

Example of menu phase 2

Breakfast: A yogurt 0% fat with 40 Gr. of cereal or granola. A cup of tea or coffee. An Apple.

Lunch: A portion of flounder grilled with cooked vegetables a portion of raw vegetables. A nonfat yogurt.

Dinner: 100 gr. of beef. Salad of 100 gr. of brown rice, spinach, tomato and cucumber.

Although each diet has its peculiarities, the diet of Dr. Fricker shares with other fashion, such as the Dukan diet diets the implementation of different phases. During the first stage, the speed of weight loss is greater, while the second stage is a gradual thinning, and therefore its duration is greater.

Perhaps you wonder why the first phase is a phase of high speed. During this stage seeks to increase metabolism and fat mobilization. This is achieved with the increase of consumption of protein-rich foods allowed during the first stage.

Remember that the best diet is the diet balanced, harmonic and staff.

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