Bariatric Surgery Affects Diabetic Patients

dietBariatric Surgery can be a valid alternative for those suffering from morbid obesity. However this is not the only occasion in which one thinks of such surgery. If you have moderate obesity and suffer from diabetes, this type of treatment may be useful, therefore if you want to know How does this treatment affect diabetic patients, do not miss this article.

One of the conditions for a patient may undergo bariatric surgery is having a body mass index increased to 40. But there are situations in which this index can be less, and still be useful for the treatment of obesity, especially when there are other risk factors like diabetes for example.

How does the surgery in diabetic patients

Bariatric Surgery increases the sensitivity to insulin and increases the effectiveness of the cells betas.For this reason this type of surgery can reverse type 2 diabetes and get the following benefits.Profits from the surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes

Remission of diabetes. Patients who underwent Bariatric Surgery, reduced diabetes in 54%. There are even data that’s show that certain techniques can control diabetes in the 98.9% of the patients. Gastric bypass, this percentage amounts to 83%, while with the adjustable band, the percentage drops to 50%.

Decreases the percentage of mortality due to complications of diabetes. This type of surgery reduces the mortality of patients with diabetes type 2 or insulin dependent diabetes. As well as deaths from cardiovascular complications decreases by 40%.

Reduces lipid profiles. Having more insulin sensitivity, glucose is used by the cell for energy, and is not used for the formation of fats that are concentrated in the blood and accumulate at the abdominal level.

Decreases blood pressure. Hypertension affects around 40-60% of people with diabetes and can increase the chances of other complications. According to certain studies, those who undergo this type of surgery, reduce your blood pressure, and therefore the complications this may cause.

It is important to clarify that, if you’re diabetic type 2 you must have a BMI higher than 30-35 or moderate obesity, to be able to undergo this type of surgery.

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