All the secrets of the alkaline diet

dietSurely you already have ever heard talk about the alkaline diet. This nutritional method is increasingly fashionable among people who want to lose weight. But, do you know well what is it? To learn thoroughly of all the details of this regime, you can read this exclusive interview with Josep Masdeu naturopathy.

For a time, the alkaline diet became an option highly valued in many parts of the world. Created by Dr. Richard Young, this diet suggests eating the least number of refined foods and with a ph of little appropriate for the organism and, on contrary, a high dose of alkali, mostly vegetables and derived food.

So tell you better than anyone else what it is the alkaline diet, these lines can count with the authoritative opinion of a specialist in the subject. Josep Masdeu is a

Firstly, we’d like to us to comment on what it is the alkaline diet, for anyone who does not know it.

There is a major cause of disease and is the solidification of the body caused by bad habits of life, diet and the way of thinking. The remedy and treatment is to alkalize the body and break this vicious circle. Eating alkaline foods is an important part of the equation, we must also know to eat, like eat it and when. Alkaline diet is good for health, it is good for almost all it works for a wide variety of problems.

Do you think that the alkaline diet can be a good option for those who want to lose weight

The alkaline diet, in itself is not a diet to lose weight as it is to eliminate toxins from our body. But to be a careful and prepared diet, can help in the role of weight loss. The basis of this diet is to cause the Ph of the blood has an alkalinity level close to 7.4, in which chemical reactions and processes of our body are more correctly. Our body tries to reach those levels by itself, but if we help you in this work taking care of the food, our body will suffer less and we will be better.

What do consider that they are the best foods in the alkaline diet? And what those responsible for the acidity?

The base of this diet are vegetables, fruits, at the same time that we must reduce the consumption of meat, fish, eggs, milk, beef, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. There are studies that say that an optimal ratio of intake acid alkaline is around 80 per cent of alkaline foods and 20 percent of acidic foods.

Within the alkaline you have to alkaline water, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and honey, for example. Within the acids have dairy, cheeses, meats, refined grains, tea, coffee, white sugar and a long tetrameter. That does not mean that we must completely eliminate the acidic foods, but we must use them wisely. If we have information on foods that produce acidity and alkaline foods and how they affect us, we understand the importance that have these nutrients in our life.

Alkaline diet enters a danger zone in regards to protein intake? And hydrates of carbon or any other substantial element to everyday life?

The digestion of proteins creates acids within the body. To stabilize the acid base balance the body eliminates excess acid via the kidneys. The expulsion of carbon dioxide in expiatory also helps regulate Ph level.

Life habits and eating unbalanced compensated acid balance basis and thus health. When we can not eject acids that accumulate, connective tissue, which causes acidosis. The person with an acid body gets sick and is very difficult to restore your health to take drugs or supplements of vitamins and minerals.

As commented, the diseases are not caused by viruses or bacteria, microbes and germs in it, but rather the corruption of our cells and tissues is what attracts germs to their environment generating diseases.

A diet rich in proteins that we acidify is unhealthy, but it is not bad for health, to include fish or other meats of a moderate in our diet. The alkaline diet is not a diet easy to carry, because not all fruits and vegetables can be consumed, can neither eat bread or fish that are healthy and very popular. In fact our need for protein is very small and our body does not store them. Proteins are cushions that they release or retain hydrogen as needed.

Complex carbohydrates such as grains are metabolized more slowly and regularly and do not produce organic acids produced by simple carbohydrates such as sugar. Carbohydrates are stored as fat and these in the form of triglycerides. Complex carbohydrates such as grains are metabolized more slowly and regularly and do not produce organic acids produced by simple carbohydrates such as sugar.

What consideration has regarding home remedies with clear alkaline trend as the mixture of lemon with baking soda and water?

In my opinion these are useful because they use alkaline foods or in combination become alkaline which comply with the function of alkalize the body.

What other ailments could be to eradicate following this diet

The usual follow-up of an alkaline diet can help and much. Improves sexual practice, increases argumentativeness, provides us a deep and restorative sleep, reduces allergies, it gives us more energy and vitality, reduces the susceptibility to infections. This diet, for example, is an important part in the treatment of chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis and fibrillation. In addition it provides the proper nutrition for all patients with autoimmune syndromes and cancer.

From longer alkaline diet detoxifies the body, helps to remove the acid from the body, develops a proper bowel flora, regulates metabolism, promotes healing in general, rebuilds the immune system, returns the health of organs. In the category of exceptions, must be taken into account that sick Celia patients and those who have fructose intolerance should not follow it.

Add what you want to add, and, of course, tell us where we can find his work and his writings.

Anyone who wants to follow the alkaline diet should know that this is not a magic diet; needs a while to notice its effects, but by the simple fact of being natural and balanced make it advisable. Myself, I am qualified Naturalist and spend my time on my own blog and in other print media to disclose the benefits follow a life as natural as possible for our own benefit and well-being.

As you’ve seen, the alkaline diet can become tremendously interesting. Now you have the words of an expert in the field to take the first steps, if you are interested. It is only matter of dare and embraces a daily life, quite than a diet.

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