A new dangerous diet

dietA diet that promises to show you incredible

Every now and then appear new diets that promise fast weight loss and look amazing in a short time. In recent days, has emerged a new weight loss plan, known as the diet corset. To know it in depth, it is important that you know what it is about this diet, and if it is a new dangerous diet.

Many know it as the diet more sexy 2013 or the diet that makes you feel and look incredible. This diet, known as the corset diet promises you to slim and shape your figure quickly.

What is the corset diet

The corset diet is not a diet food in itself, but rather consists in using a special corset that would not only make you look nice, but it would help you to reduce waist and abdomen. You have this corset to use between 6 to 8 hours apiece day, 5 days a week. You can dress in this corset to perform all your activities.

According to its creators, the feeling that gives the corset at the abdominal level would help to increase the feeling of satiety, which would help you to eat less. According to some testimonies, this corset would act as a gastric bypass, which reduces stomach capacity. Some of the people who have used it say have lost about 3 pounds in one week.

However results promising from the creators of this diet, coupled with some testimonials that guarantee such results, experts in the field consider that this type of treatment can be harmful to health.

Diet corset on a new diet dangerous

Subject matter expert’s egun. According to reviews, this diet has no basis in science if you lose weight only it is because of the discomfort that causes eating. Even, it may cause serious adverse effects on health, such as gastric reflux, modification of bone structure, damage to internal organs such as lungs or diaphragm. Although it can also cause skin problems.

Losing weight is very important whether a health issue as one reason aesthetic, but it is very dangerous to do so at any cost. This diet is a clear example of the results of weight loss at all costs, in spite of of whether it is fit or not.The balanced diets are the best diets to lose weight because not threaten health, are slow and controlled.

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