Irene good tells you all about the raw diet

dietInterview with Irene Buenos: the diet raw vegan lifestyle

Would have heard of the diet also known as diet raw vegan raw? This regime can get you to not only help to lose weight and feel much better health in general, but it is a type of power completely ethical and sustainable. But what better that tell you Irene good, one of the references in Spainon the subject, what about this diet. Enjoy this interview.

Surely you have heard more than once of the raw vegan diet, also known as diet raw. This type of power, as its name proclaims him, simply as raw material all kinds of plant foods, eaten raw, below the 41 ° centigrade. Continue reading “Irene good tells you all about the raw diet”

Hiposodicos food for slimming

dietRegime that treats fluid retention and overweight

Sometimes when you are on a diet, you can incorporate certain foods that will help you treat overweight and avoid fluid retention. To do this, you need to make a special slimming regime, containing at least 5 hiposodicos food.

Water retention can not only stimulate the hypertension, but who may boycott the diet. Therefore, it is very important that you have at least 5 foods that you can include in your diet and help you to treat your overweight present.

5 hiposodicos food, slimming

Apricot orDamascus. This fruit has a high content of potassium, mineral that stimulates the kidney to eliminate retained fluid. On the other hand, this mineral competes with sodium in the body, reducing it. This process is reflected in a decrease in blood pressure. Continue reading “Hiposodicos food for slimming”

Tasty breakfast hiperproteicos to increase your satiety

lose weightIn addition to tasty, hiperproteicos breakfast can be a very useful tool if you want to lose weight, because you take away the hunger and increase your satiety. So you can take advantage of all these properties, you provide 3 examples of protein-rich breakfast.

The breakfast is the major food of the day and it has much importance in the diet, and more if certain scientific studies are taken into account, as for example one recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggests that a protein-rich breakfast provides benefits satiety, removing hunger.

Apparently a high-protein breakfast reduces the levels of gherkin and peptide , two natural substances stimulating the appetite. Even it was observed that this type of breakfast reduced consumption of foods high in fats before dinner. Continue reading “Tasty breakfast hiperproteicos to increase your satiety”

Maintain a healthy weight to avoid complications

weight loseIf these pregnant and you have overweight, don’t miss these 5 tips that will help you maintain a well mass, avoiding complication.Pregnancy is a very special stage, and as such one needs special care that can keep you healthy both you and your baby. While you’re pregnant you should not perform a diet for losing weight, therefore If you have overweight before becoming pregnant the ideal is that you lose weight and after that, plan to have a baby.

Three possible scenarios can occur during pregnancy

Situation 1: you have a normal weight before becoming pregnant and increase between 9 to 15 kg approximately.

Situation 2: you have a normal weight before being pregnant, but then increase more than 15 kilos. Continue reading “Maintain a healthy weight to avoid complications”

All the secrets of the alkaline diet

dietSurely you already have ever heard talk about the alkaline diet. This nutritional method is increasingly fashionable among people who want to lose weight. But, do you know well what is it? To learn thoroughly of all the details of this regime, you can read this exclusive interview with Josep Masdeu naturopathy.

For a time, the alkaline diet became an option highly valued in many parts of the world. Created by Dr. Richard Young, this diet suggests eating the least number of refined foods and with a ph of little appropriate for the organism and, on contrary, a high dose of alkali, mostly vegetables and derived food.

So tell you better than anyone else what it is the alkaline diet, these lines can count with the authoritative opinion of a specialist in the subject. Josep Masdeu is a

Firstly, we’d like to us to comment on what it is the alkaline diet, for anyone who does not know it. Continue reading “All the secrets of the alkaline diet”

Fewer calories and do exercises

exerciesTips to maintain children develop good habits of life

Each day more children suffer from obesity and, even though complications may not develop immediately, these can influence their adult lives. Therefore, on this occasion you drink 5 tricks or tips so that your children can eat less calories and more healthy. In this way will be able to develop good habits of life.

Children are influenced by a multitude of stimuli that are not always healthy. Enough to see the ads for candy snacks, or chains of fast so children want to eat all that and more food. Not to mention that every day more are encouraged sedentary lifestyle, thanks to video games and the indiscriminate use of the PC.

All this attention to the health of the child, among other pathologist causing overweight. At this point is very important your intervention as a father, and that children need a guide to control both food and sedentary lifestyle. Continue reading “Fewer calories and do exercises”

What is the diet of the prodigious enzyme

dietThe enzymatic creation of Hiromi Shinya

Surely once you’ve heard diet prodigious enzyme of Dr. Hiromi Shinya, which is a best seller around the world. But, do you know what it is? In this article you will know it thoroughly.

Have you ever heard ever prodigious enzyme diet? It is a creation of Hiromi Shinya, a Japanese doctor who has now become a kind of celebrity by the grace of this regime. This diet, precisely, comes from a book called in the same way, which is all the rage around the world. But what is behind this diet that generates both stir? In this article you will know it in detail. Continue reading “What is the diet of the prodigious enzyme”

Low-calorie diet to connect with your body

dietIn this ninth delivery of the diet APP, you provide a menu under calorie that respect your biological rhythm, which give you power when you need it and more to keep resting your body, also when most required it. If you follow your biological rhythm your body will respond better to the diet because you are connecting with your needs.

Daily obligations make that many times you designs the needs of the body and does not respect your biological rhythm, which after all is yours.

If you can connect with your own needs and you hear what your body needs, it is easier to take a healthy way to lose weight. How? Taking into explanation your biological rhythm.

This diet will take into account that your energy needs focuses on the first half of the day, declining in the rest of the day. With this menu you accompany this biological rhythm. What is the benefit?, your body responds better to the diet that is low in calories and more fat burning the entire digestive process improvement. We go with the diet. Continue reading “Low-calorie diet to connect with your body”

Chain water to cleanse the body and cut fat

lose weightSatiety and laxative drink to remove extra pounds

Certain foods have the ability to help you lose weight, as for example the seeds of china. With them you can make endless preparations, such as China water, a drink of satiety and laxative that allows you to clean the body, reduce fat and eliminate some extra pounds.

China seeds are foods that have transpired in recent years for its dietary properties. These are useful for the action of overweight and for the reduction of health risk factors.

This swallow works by increasing intestinal peristalsis, reducing anxiety about food, stimulate fat metabolism and avoiding fats and sugars from food to pass to the internal environment.

In addition to these benefits of china seeds provide nutrients that fight other risk factors, as for example high cholesterol, high triglycerides and hyperglycemia. Continue reading “Chain water to cleanse the body and cut fat”

Would really help to lose weight

lose weightControversy against the use of chromium inordinate supplement

Nutritional supplements to burn fats that are adding popularity is chromium inordinate. But, really does help lose weight? The reality is that its use for these purposes is controversial, so I invite you to that you enter to this note and you can find.

Chromium inordinate is a supplement that in recent times has added popularity, due to their supposed Properties to lose weight. But what’s true on it.To start, it is significant that you recognize what is chromium inordinate.

What is chromium ordinate

It is formed by chromium dietary supplement, a trace element essential for the metabolism of sugars and fats. Continue reading “Would really help to lose weight”