You know that chocolate reduces body fat

dietReducing effect of chocolate on the circumference of the waist

Did you know that chocolate reduces body fat, as well apparently yes, at least so says a study by scientists at the University of Granada. This says that chocolate has a reducing effect on the circumference of the waist.

A group of scientists, belonging to the Faculty of medicine and the Faculty of science of the sport of the University of Granada, have pulled ground myth that chocolate is fattening.

The results of this study published in the journal Nutrition, have shown that high consumption of chocolate is associated with low levels of fat accumulated in the body, and especially at the abdominal level.

This observation was obtained independently, those who consume chocolate practice or not physical activity and whether you are or not diet.

Scientists began this study by performing the following question does the increased consumption of chocolate is associated with a greater or lesser body mass index?

As well, apparently the chocolate is not as bad as previously thought and those who consume it regularly can lose body fat. Persons who were subjected to this study, adolescents aged 12 to 17 years old, showed that much more chocolate consumed their total fat mass decreased, as well as also the waist circumference.

Why would this effect be produced

As well, because they are rich in falconoid, particularly catching, which provide the body many benefits. The benefit that causes this antioxidant in relation to obesity is that catching reduces the production of cortical and affects the sensitivity to insulin, causing an increase in metabolism.

In addition to this positive effect on the fat mass, catching has other beneficial effects, since they are substances antioxidants, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombosis. Through their consumption prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The results of this learn maintain the outcome of other research carried out by scientists from the University of California that chocolate consumption frequency associated with body mass index.

Based on these observations, the scientists say that it should not only take into account the calories of chocolate, but the nutrients that brings and have beneficial health effects in general. It is important to note that the caloric value of the food is another element to take into account and it is necessary to assess the food, in this case the chocolate, in a comprehensive manner.

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