What you green use to lose weight

lose weightDo you have questions between strands or teabags green tea? Don’t know if taking capsules or purchase summary? This article then is for you.

Green tea is great for weight loss, but not all tea is the same. It knows more alternatives to the matter reading this note.

Green tea It has become a great ally when it comes to helping people to lose weight. Why? Because it helps the body to increase energy expenditure, being a burning fat, resulting in a great antioxidant and diuretic.

So not only you can collaborate with you in your mission to lose weight, but that it will also be a global partner for your health, those that should not be missed.

These are most of the formats of green tea, which you can use to lose weight:

 Green tea strands: Is the best option, without a doubt. You prepare it at the rate of two or three tablespoons per liter of water heated, not boiled, to less than 80 degrees centigrade. Two or three minutes of rest and is ready to be consumed. Try to get a good quality, whole leaf tea, since its taste and properties go to walk much better than a mediocre one, which probably has some other substance and is not 100 per cent tea.

Green tea in tea bags or sachets: Tea that comes packaged in sachets, generally, is not the best quality. It is that it is already ground, may have added and is not seized the leaf or whole threads. It is not recommended, but does not remove that green tea in sachet, especially those of Chinese origin, has ranging from wonders to get away.

¬†Green tea match, powdered: This option is perfect for adding to the kitchen. You can use it in smoothies, juices and, of course, in any recipe. To come in powder, it’s all easier. And preserves the properties, clear is.

Capsules of green tea: would not like green tea or go straight to the point? Then you can use green tea in capsules without any problem.

Green tea extract: Similar to the previous option, the green tea extract can be an excellent dietary supplement for when you want to lose weight.

Green tea can be purchased in health food stores, and much better, a shop specializing in teas. There you will not only have many options to choose from, but that the quality will probably be best, achieving a product that has a more interesting taste in every respect.

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