What it is and how to avoid the rebound effect after a diet

dietThere is rebound effect an in diet? How can it be avoided?

Surely you’ve done diet and you’ve got to lose weight, just what you wanted. And then, appeared the rebound effect, but what about the rebound effect, how to avoid the rebound after a diet effect? In this post you will find an answer to these questions.

The effect I I is the complication that nobody wants to suffer after a diet to lose weight, and this is complicated if you start with another diet that has the same result. Is time of it puts an end to this vicious circle and meet a series of suggestions that will allow you to avoid hikes and low constant weight.

Very restrictive diet. When the diet is very low in calories, you can lose much weight-based fluid loss at the beginning. This start can be very promising for you, but to take the time, diet can become hard to follow since they begin to show the adverse effects, such as fatigue, tiredness, boredom and depression. If this happens it is likely, you start not only to return to your old eating habits, but to consume more food than before.

Anxiety and depression. The anguish and depression product of lack of micro nutrients and physical and mental fatigue caused by the diet, causes the effect I.Now that you know what causes the effect I, the next step is to know the effects that this has on health.

How it affects the rebound effect health

When you do an extreme diet, you can lose so much fatty tissue like muscle tissue, causing mitosis and therefore greatly reduces hunger. While you can feel happy about this, after completing the diet this effect is, causing an increase in appetite. This results in an increase of appetite than if stays will be reflected in development, again, adipose tissue.As well, now that you know that cause it and how it affects, I invite you to know how to get out of the effect I.

How can I avoid the rebound effect

If you’ve done a restrictive diet, keep in mind that the effect I it can occur, therefore it is important that you are prepared. To do this, keep in mind the following suggestions.

Tips to avoid rebound

Incorporating healthy foods gradually. Firstly, it is important that, once you’ve lost the weight you want, you gradually begin to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, little by little. Begins doing a good breakfast light, as for example an infusion with skimmed milk, fruit and two slices of bread with white cheese light. After this, a rich in vegetables and fruits lunch and a dinner low in fat and rich in protein, containing a meat with vegetables both cooked as raw. Don’t forget the snack that may be similar to the breakfast and a couple of snacks made from vegetables and fruits to control anxiety about food.

Incorporated localized and aerobic physical activity. Physical exercise is essential to maintaining a neutral balance of calories consumed and calories spent. Therefore, if you placed a strict diet and want to avoid the effect I, required that you do exercise every day.

Have an emergency handyman. Certain vegetables, fruits and other foods can help you reduce anxiety in critical moments, particularly by the evening before dinner.

In conclusion. If you’ve done a very restrictive diet and you’ve managed to lose weight, it is important that you take conscience that you begin a new stage, in which you control the consumption of food and calories through exercise spending increases. In this way I or the rebound effect can prevent the effect I.

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