Weight loss and not to gain weight again

lose weightJulia Roberts is a famous actress internationally and this implies that many people follow his career and copied all their habits, even your eating habits and diets. Therefore, if you want to know how it maintains in a Julia Roberts don’t miss this note.

No one can deny the successes of Julia Roberts as an actress, but not only his career is famous, but that many women want to look how she. Therefore, follow your diet, your eating habits and her exercise routines with the only objective of wearing thin.

What diet does Julia Roberts

Although this system was originally intended to control diabetes, it was observed that those who used the table of IG also managed to lose weight and maintain weight.

This table takes as Base 100 sugar, is to say that if you eat sugar or sucrose, your blood glucose increases immediately and this goes into the blood to be used as energy. Where it is not necessary to use it, it moved to the liver to become fat and deposited in adipose tissue. Therefore, it is interesting to know the IG if you want to lose weight or maintain it.

All foods have your IG and classified as foods with a high GI, IG and foods with low GI foods. Obviously that appropriate to consume foods are those that have an IG medium and an IG low.

What is the diet of Julia Roberts

This diet is to include foods with a low glycerol index. In this way you can eat more, without taking into account both their caloric rate. Within the foods that include this diet are foods rich in fiber, as this substance organic slows down the absorption of simple sugars.

While you can have two carbohydrate-rich foods, those who have fiber will be better than the other. To make you understand better you provide an example lentils and pizza. Both foods contain carbohydrate, but lentils contains fiber and pizza little or nothing and nothing, therefore between both food lentils are best, already that slows down the passage of glucose into the blood and therefore maintains controlled blood sugar. If this happens you feel less hungry and eat less. Here is where it is important to put the focus when wanting to lose weight without starving.

Finally, Julia Roberts complements your diet doing exercise on the beach. If you aren’t near a beach, salt to walk, run or ride a bike, it is free and helps you to burn fat.

A diet, taking into account its IG is a good strategy to not only lose weight, but to keep at a stable weight. It is a good tool to learn how to eat in a healthy way and know which foods to choose.

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