Weight control

weight loseThe power provides human energy required to carry out all of its functions, which include physical, intellectual and physiological activities.So the above can be made in the best way it is recommended to follow a balanced diet, which must include all groups of foods and be 2000 calories a day approximately.

Now if we eat a lot of food with high calorie content, for example, those who have too much sugar and fat, and not practice physical activity, these nutrients are not used as energy and begin to be stored in the body.

Accordingly, body weight increases and, in some cases, you will reach the obesity, which can seriously affect the health and lead to diseases such as diabetes mellifluous, hypertension and problems in the spine, among others.

It is noteworthy that there are hereditary factors and alterations in the body that can lead to excess weight, also include psychological problems such as depression, stress, breakdown of the family unit, pressures, school or business failures and low self-esteem, which leads to excessive and uncontrollable manifestation of hunger.

Before this is alternatively the control of weight, which does not mean to kill hunger or resorting to miracle products that rid us of the extra kilos as if by magic, but is a program that includes diet balanced, practical exercise, therapy, psychological and, in certain cases, administration of medications that should only be prescribed by the endocrinologist.

So keep in mind that the only way to lose weight effectively is by modifying the relationship between energy intake and their use,reducing food intake and increasing physical activity. To do so, it is always essential that you seek the advice of a nutritionist or endocrinologist so do not put at risk their health.


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