Vegetation beside stretch marks

lose weight8 vegetation for broaden marks

Some plants can be great allies to treat cosmetic problems of beauty which are much related to the rise and decline of weight. The stretch marks, course, she is one of those problems that arise even if you do not want it. Anyway, you can use any of these 8 plants and derivatives of its that will help you combat this imperfection.

Stretch marks are one of the most common beauty problems, related to the rise and decline of weight. It is that the skin, that due to contraction or dilatation, cracks, generating those nasty cracks that both men and women want to avoid at all costs.

Fortunately, plants and their derivatives are always to the agenda to combat this kind of inconvenience. Be sure to take into account these recommendations to begin to implement them.

These are 8 floors and derived from them that will help you to fight against stretch marks:

The almond oil, this: Without a doubt almonds may be well to combat stretch marks. Clearly, the best way is to do it through the almond oil. The high content of vitamin E has this product is perfect to restore the qualities of chapped skin.

 Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera, inevitable: At the same time, it must not tire of praising the enormous benefits of aloe Vera or Aloe Vera for any problem related to the skin, including stretch marks. This recipe to remove stretch marks, which has to this plant as a main ingredient, perhaps what you need to restore that lost elasticity to your skin.

Avocado, another eternal ally: The avocado can also be a good plant to fight against stretch marks. Its content of fatty acids that are very beneficial to the skin may be well. In addition, it has a good content of collagen. Try a mask of avocado, which is combined with Aloe Vera and olive oil, and you’ll see that it is not a bad idea.

Do not miss Shear butter: It is healing, does collagen, elastic and help to which skin is the nutrition you need. Some thing more in favor of Shear butter against stretch marks? Already no more may be asked.

The cocoa butter also will help you: Another very nutritious choice for your skin. In this recipe combined neither more nor less than with avocado and vitamin e. can go very well to leave your skin as it is.

Argon oil, a wonder anti stretch marks: This oil is becoming increasingly famous in the world of natural cosmetics, due to the enormous power that renew skin. Girls, also has a dual effect, since it also serves to combat cellulite.

Lavender oil says this: A good oil of flowers can be great not only to combat stretch marks, but also to prevent them and, incidentally, flavoring the skin. Such is the case of lavender oil, which contributes to collagen and elastic, two key substances in all this matter.

Carrots, others that may help you: Carrot, with its carotene and its good general properties for the skin, can be combined without any problems with almond oil and thus generate a kind of mask that will help you improve your skin elasticity and thus combat stretch marks.

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